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Lancaster Cares impact

meeting the need together

Viruses don’t discriminate.

COVID-19 is impacting families across Lancaster County in ways we have not before experienced. That’s why Lancaster County Community Foundation and the United Way of Lancaster County are supporting Lancaster’s families and their most critical needs.

Over the last century, Lancaster County has invested in the Community Foundation’s endowment to ensure the security and safety of the community for future catastrophes. We are thankful for this continuous support as it allowed us to immediately commit $250,000 to seed emergency funding for those affected by the pandemic, through the Lancaster Cares initiative. Through our joint, trusted relationships with local community benefit organizations (nonprofits), we can reach residents efficiently and effectively to address emerging challenges. We commit to working with organizations that can quickly turn dollars into help for people that need it.

Thanks to the help of our community we were able to raise and invest more than 1 MILLION dollars. These funds were able to support 77 Community Benefit Organizations in funding 104 initiatives focusing on food access, housing security, and emerging needs across Lancaster County.

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Food Security

From food banks, to pantries, to meal drop-off services. Access to healthy food is more important than ever for the countless individuals impacted across Lancaster County.


Anchorage Breakfast: "Anchorage Breakfast to Go"

Grant amount: $8,200

Since the pandemic and the order for social distancing, instead of a seated indoor buffet breakfast, Anchorage Breakfast To Go guests have been provided with a healthy take-away breakfast including breakfast sandwiches or casserole, juice, cereal, milk, fruit, and snacks, packaged in an environmentally friendly manner to reduce waste. Meals are distributed by the executive director and a trained and paid staff member in the vestibule of First United Methodist Church, one guest at a time.

Arch Street Center: "Carry Out Lunch Program"

Grant Amount: $2,500

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Arch Street Center had to close our doors. One of our core principles at the Center is to discourage our members from isolating. It was a painful decision to close since the virus is forcing everyone to isolate. Isolation is the worst for people living with serious mental illness. Our board and staff decided that while we can’t be open for our regular purpose, we could still provide a service to our members and the community by providing carry out meals.

Boys & Girls Club of Lancaster: "Staying Connected"

Grant Amount: $4,500

We are distributing a hot food item (ex. hot dog, chicken sandwich) and snack bags (juice boxes, fresh fruit, cereal, granola bars) to children in Lancaster City and Columbia. These meals are available to all children and are being handed out each day to help families through this difficult time.

We would also like to retain a seasoned member of our team, Darryl Waters, to conduct family check-in calls to ensure our families are safe and have what they need to navigate the coming weeks.

CASA: "Food Access Project"

Grant Amount: $2,000

CASA’s Food Access Project provides grocery deliveries and case management support to Lancaster County families impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

CHI St. Joseph Children's Health: "Healthy Columbia Crisis Meals Initiative"

Grant Amount: $4,000

Necessary closures and limitations have been implemented to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus, these measures serve the greater good but have brought hardships. The Healthy Columbia Meals initiative was launched on March 17th to provide freshly-prepared nutritious meals to residents of the 17512 ZIP Code experiencing food insecurity during the crisis. Our hope is to continue providing freshly prepared meals throughout this pandemic until restrictions are lifted and services restored.

CrossNet Ministries: ELANCO Covid-19 Relief Fund

Grant Amount: $6,000

CrossNet Ministries continues to operate its food and social service programs during this crisis. We have witnessed first hand the increase in needs in Eastern Lancaster County. In response to the Coronavirus outbreak and resulting economic crisis, we’ve created a special fund, ELANCO’s Covid-19 Relief Fund to support community members who need extra assistance at this time. 

Go Beyond LLC: "Community Food Pantry"

Grant amount: $1,000

Go Beyond is providing food, personal hygiene and household supplies for a Community Food Pantry to aid in relief from food insecurity during the current COVID-19 crisis, and afterward. The economic impact on families has caused fear, insecurity, demand for food, hygiene and household supplies. First week of food pantry began with 14 pallets of food, serving 75 families. An additional 75 families are scheduled to receive food on week 2. Current requests exceed 175 families and 800 people.

Grace Chapel Food Pantry

Grant amount: $6,000

We purchase food from Blessings of Hope with a donated box truck. We just pay gas. We also get food from our local Giant. We are boxing and bagging the food each Wednesday with volunteers – all wearing protective gear – and load it into vehicles that drive thru – keeping social distance over this time of the coronavirus. Also, we are available for emergency food distribution to the elderly and sick.

Hands Across the Street: "Feeding our Community Through the Pandemic"

Grant amount: $1,600

We are delivering lunches weekdays to families in Columbia and the surrounding areas as well as giving food boxes on Fridays. We are giving out about 500 lunches per day right now. We are also supplying food for 2 other sites in Landisville and East Petersburg 3 days per week equal to 450 lunches.
We have been deemed an emergency food site for children so we have started to get reimbursement for children but we will not for adults. We will now be adding breakfast due to schools closing.

Horizons at Lancaster Country Day School: "Horizons at Home Delivery"

Grant Amount: $4,500

‘Horizons at Home’ is our effort to stay in contact with our families by providing educational materials and grocery gift cards. In spite of the cancellation of our in-person session, we enrolled a new cohort of kindergarten students, for a total of 90 students in grades K-5. That’s 70 families! Identified by their teachers at School District of Lancaster, Horizons kids are learners from a variety of skill levels who need a boost to help close the achievement gap.

Lancaster County Food Hub : "Providing Additional Free Food to Support Lancaster's Community Meal Program"

Grant Amount: $7,000

The Lancaster County Food Hub serves as a resource for the churches to come to obtain free food to use for these meals. Since the pandemic has struck, the churches needed to move to a “grab and go” bag meal plan rather than the previous congregate hot meal program. This new format requires different types of food which typically are more expensive. We are requesting a grant of $2000 to buy resources for this much needed program.

Meals on Wheels: "COVID-19 Shelf Stable Meals Project"

Grant amount: $6,300

This project will provide five (5) shelf-stable meals to 1,000 Meals on Wheels consumers to protect their food security needs during this pandemic. 

Meals on Wheels: "COVID Meals on Wheels Client Sustainability Program"

Grant amount: $8,000

To provide funding to allow 16 clients who do not have the ability to pay for daily meals to continue receiving their meals (2x day) without being cut off due to non-payment. Also to provide navigational services to assist these clients in finding additional financial and food resources.

Moravian Center of Lancaster: "Community Meal Distribution"

Grant amount: $1,500

Lancaster City has a wonderful network of churches/organizations that provide 3 meals a day to individuals experiencing homelessness and/or food insecurity. Due to the Covid crisis, some of those entities have needed to stop serving for the time being. We have the volunteers, space, and resources to stand in the gap for one of those places to provide brown bag ready to eat meals to anyone who comes to get one twice a week until the crisis ends.

Parish Resource Center: "Community Meal Collaboration"


Requested funds help fill pandemic-caused gaps in the Lancaster Community Meal Program and ensure community members continue to receive three free meals a day. PRC is collaborating with Commons Company (the B-Corp group behind Prince St. Café, Blue Line, Passenger Coffee), along with several of their suppliers, to rehire furloughed food industry workers to provide additional meals. The proposed project will prepare nutritious Grab ‘n Go meals for anyone who needs food.

Parish Resource Center: "Food Security and Workforce Opportunities through Collaboration"

Grant amount: $2,500

Requested funds will fill recent gaps formed in the Lancaster Community Meal Program and ensure community members continue to receive three free meals a day. PRC is collaborating with Commons Company (the B-Corp group behind Prince St. Café, Blue Line, Passenger Coffee), along with several of their suppliers, to rehire furloughed food industry workers to provide additional meals. The proposed project will prepare 400-500 nutritious Grab ‘n Go meals a week for anyone who needs food.


Grant amount: $5,000

Requested funds help fill recent gaps formed in the Lancaster Community Meal Program and ensure community members continue to receive three free meals a day. The proposed project will prepare nutritious Grab ‘n Go meals for anyone who needs food.

Patients R Waiting, Inc: "Feeding the Community"

Grant amount: $7,000

Faith Tabernacle Transformation & Development Corporation has stepped up to meet the needs of the South East Lancaster community by increasing distribution of food boxes to its elderly and in need congregants. Through this grant FTTD will further increase food distribution within the South East Lancaster community and bolster it’s hot meal program, serving 3 hot healthy meals weekly through the summer. 

Power Packs Project: "Providing Nutritious Weekend Meals for Children and Families during the COVID-19 Pandemic"

Grant amount: $10,000

Power Packs aims to improve the mental and physical health of children by helping their parents provide nutritious meals over weekends when school breakfast and lunch programs are unavailable to them. During the COVID-19 crisis, we are working closely with five Lancaster County school districts to identify families who need weekend meals and to distribute meal packs every Thursday. Power Packs plans to continue weekend meal distribution for the rest of the school year and into the summer.

PRiMA Arts: "Feeding Local Theatre Artists"

Grant amount: $8,000

Prima is providing $100 grocery store gift cards to local out-of-work theatre artists (performers, designers, directors, musicians, administrators, arts bookkeepers, technicians) to feed themselves and their immediate family.

San Juan Bautista Church: "Summer Meal Program"

Grant amount: $10,000

We are requesting funding to help offset food costs for those in need in our Southeast community. Since COVID, the amount of people that we serve hot meals to has more than doubled. For example, in June of 2019 we served 119 families. This year we served 356 families. We are getting food requests daily and do not see the number decreasing anytime soon. 99% of those who come to us are from OUTSIDE of the parish community, meaning they are of other faith affiliation (or no affiliation at all).

Spanish American Civic Association (SACA): "SACA Community Meals Program"

Grant Amount: $2,500

SACA will continue to provide a grab and go meals program to low income residents and senior citizens of southeast Lancaster. We are serving an average of 85 individuals per day. In addition, we provide delivered meals to 20 members of our senior center who are unable to travel to the Center to pick up the meals. The grab and go program replaced our current community feeding program which was discontinued due to the Center having to close because of the COVID emergency.

The Factory Ministries: "The Factory Market"

Grant amount: $2,500

With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Pequea Valley community has been faced with surge in food insecurity. In the past month, the number of individuals and families served has more than doubled and continues to grow weekly. The Factory Market is committed to ensuring that no family or individual goes hungry in our community. We aim to do this by securing enough food for those in need and increasing our capacity to serve.

Housing Access

Housing is a human right. Now more than ever we must ensure that those impacted by the pandemic do not lose access to housing.

Bridge of Hope Inc.: "Help families facing homelessness impacted by COVID-19 in Lancaster"

Grant amount: $300

Bridge of Hope Lancaster is continuing to accept families facing homelessness into the program during this crisis. Housing is always the most immediate and critical need for the families we serve. With current stay-at-home orders, this becomes an even more crucial first step. A grant of $3000 will allow us to provide rental and move-in assistance for a family who is ready to move out of a shelter, and is currently employed.

Clare House Inc: "Breaking the Barriers"

Grant amount: $3,000

Clare House is committed to the lifelong success of our clients.  Our commitment begins upon entry into the program and continues after they leave through aftercare.  Funding will allow us to support our clients transitioning into permanent housing and provide additional space at the shelter. 

Conestoga Valley Christian Community Services: "Back on Track Program "

Grant amount: $6,020

The CVCCS Back on Track Program was established in 2018 to help the working poor to avoid homelessness due to sudden job loss, significant rent increase, health issues, and other emergencies. CVCCS will assist with the payment of a one-time bill such as security deposit, car repair bill, emergency house repairs, an unexpected high utility bill and other needs as necessary to help them get back on track and avoid a downward spiral of debt.

Elizabethtown Community Housing & Outreach Services: "ECHOS Housing Support "

Grant amount: $2,000

ECHOS first steps when interacting with clients are eviction prevention and diversion. Our trained staff take the necessary steps to help families avoid homelessness and obtain proper resources to keep them in their home. When eviction cannot be avoided, clients are enrolled in one of our various housing programs. Here, clients work one-on-one with staff through budgeting, goal-planning, counseling, and resource referrals to gain the necessary tools and knowledge to be successful.

Elizabethtown Community Housing & Outreach Services: "ECHOS Emergency Winter Shelter: COVID-19 Response"

Grant Amount: $4,058

ECHOS Emergency Winter Shelter (EWS) offers individuals and families experiencing homelessness a safe, warm, and dry place to sleep during winter months. Run by a licensed social worker, the EWS provides an array of services that meet essential needs such as hot meals, showers, clothing, basic hygiene items, resource referrals, and individualized case advocacy. ECHOS’ staff work one-on-one with guests to resolve crises, often continuing services after the shelter closes to ensure stability.

Ephrata Area Social Service: "Hotel Service for Those Who Need Shelter"

Grant amount: $2,500

EASS is seeking additional funding to cover the costs of hotel rooms. While we recognize that placing homeless individuals and families in hotels is not the ideal response to homelessness, we have little other options at this time. While the families are provided safe living space, EASS also provides food and clothing as needed, and access to other human services with the aid of our partners in the Northern Lancaster Hub.

Faith Friendship Ministries: "COVID-19 Reponse"

Grant amount: $1,000

We have been actively working to obtain the necessary personal protective equipment, develop and implement alternate in-house activities for our residents, and continue to accept those in need of housing through this difficult time. To date, we have 0 cases of COVID-19, we have kept our residents home yet engaged and active, and we have accepted 3 new residents and will accept another new resident next week, continuing our efforts to fight homelessness and build family.

HDC MidAtlantic: "Eviction Prevention Program (EPP)

Grant amount: $20,000

Due to Covid-19, 30-40% of HDC’s family communities will not be able to pay rent. The implications of housing stability for our residents could be catastrophic. In response, HDC will link households to our Resident Services staff for supports that reflect best practices for eviction prevention, such as creating a payment plan, counseling on monthly budgeting, and helping navigate social services or stimulus benefits. This grant will assure these services remain available in Lancaster County.

Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition: "Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition Emergency Fund"

Grant amount: $20,000

The LGBTQ+ Coalition has identified three categories for our Emergency Fund to address the immediate needs as Emergency Housing/Rental Assistance, Healthcare/Basic Needs and Connecting Community.

Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition’s Emergency Fund is dedicated to supporting the local LGBTQ+ community and allies during COVID-19 and the economic fall out for local businesses. We will support our community through mini grants of up to $250. Housing will remain a primary focus and we plan to partner with LancCo MyHome to secure affirming transitional housing.

Mighty Mehal Foundation: Help the Mighty Conquer Addiction

Grant amount: $2,000

Our foundation typically awards (1) $500 scholarship per month, but COVID-19 has brought us more applications than ever before! To keep up with the growing need of funding for recovery house residents who have lost their jobs as well as brand new residents who need to pay entry fees, we want to continue to provide funding to those who need a safe home environment that promotes recovery, one that will prevent relapse. Please help us to prevent homelessness and overdose in our recovery community.

Mighty Mehal Foundation: "Mighty Mehal Fund"

Grant Amount: $2,500

With the pandemic continuing to create hardship on many in our recovery community, the demand for recovery house scholarships is only increasing as we approach the holidays. Our foundation hosts fundraiser events to raise the money for scholarships and covid has prevented us from being able to do so since February 2020 so our funds are depleting. We are fully supported by public contributions and our inability to host events has impacted our financial contributions tremendously.

Milagro House: "Flattening the Curve & Increasing Impact: A Collaboration between Milagro House and Clare House"

Grant amount: $5,000

Milagro House and Clare House will work collaboratively to provide vital housing, food access, case management, and transportation support to women and children who would otherwise be experiencing homelessness. Together, these two small non-profits represent a significant community access point for providing services to a marginalized demographic that represents a substantial percentage of those in our community struggling with poverty.

Red Rose Intercultural and Educational Foundation: "Helping Hands to New Americans"

Grant amount: $1,000

In the recent months we have had many new families arrived in the Lancaster County area from Turkey escaping the political prosecution.Families from Turkey have been resettled in Lancaster County by the help of Red Rose Foundation. These families got hit the worst in the middle of this crisis and they have no means to overcome the difficulties. We need help to provide them for rent,utilities and food during this Covid 19 crisis. They have young children, no funds to pay rent or buy food.

Safe Families for Children: "Safe Families Interim Housing Project"

Grant amount: $6,000

We plan to partner with Black Rock Retreat, to provide temporary housing for homeless families on their nearly 100-acre campus. Families will be housed in private rooms with their own private bathroom. Families basic needs will be provided, as well as case management.

YWCA Lancaster: "The YW Makes the Difference "

Grant amount: $10,000

We are dedicated to making a difference for our clients. We will assist our residents and clients with basic needs: food, diapers, wipes, formula, etc. We will provide them with cleaning supplies to help keep their living areas safe. We will utilize our maintenance staff to repair and maintain rooms for additional clients as well as safe usage of our gym. For our residents in emergency shelter, we will assist them in securing permanent housing with security deposit and first months rent.

Emerging Needs

This crisis is ever-changing and still unfolding. We are committed to being responsive to new needs that emerge as we move forward.

Aaron's Acres: "Supportive programs for families raising children with disabilities during the pandemic "

Grant amount: $1,400

In response to challenges parents are facing in trying to support their children with disabilities, Aaron’s Acres is providing weekly videos, created by various performers and therapists who have been part of our camp program. Parents report that the videos are the best part of their day. Music therapy and books being read by Jesse (holding a boa) from Forgotten Friends provide entertainment and a sense of comfort for these children who are anxious and confused about the present situation.

Arch Street Center: "Back to Work Safety and Food Safety"

Grant amount: $2,500

Due to COVID, Arch Street Center was forced to close our doors and suspend our normal services. We have continued to provide a daily take-away meal to people in our community experiencing food insecurity. As we look toward reopening, we will face many challenges in keeping our staff, volunteers and members safe. We are working to establish safety measures and are asking for grant dollars to purchase structural safety equipment, masks, and supplies to ensure and maintain a healthy environment.

Attollo: "Attollo Scholar Safety Net Services"

Grant amount: $1,000

Attollo staff is managing concerns of the mental health of Scholars and the basic necessities of their families. Through weekly touchpoints our staff is learning of the financial ability to pay for food and internet to stay connected to their schoolwork. In addition to reporting needs to the school, often immediate action is needed. Attollo is providing these resources to enable our most vulnerable students to deal with this most difficult situation.

A Woman's Concern: Emergency Help for Mothers"

Grant amount: $2,000

We are grateful for this opportunity and are requesting $4,000 (awarded $2,000) to help us meet the urgent needs of mothers here in Lancaster County, including diapers, formula, cribs, and car seats. We are staying open for our community (in a limited capacity) and have been able to serve those who do not have access to or cannot afford these items during this difficult and uncertain time. but we are running very low on our supply and need to reach out for further help.

Bench Mark: "Enduring Evening Fitness-Based Mentoring"


The Covid-19 pandemic and online education have forced at-risk youth to stay home for extended amounts of time in environments that often increase their stress, fuel their anxiety, and exacerbate trauma. Bench Mark Program provides a fitness-focused evening outlet for students to feel safe, find refuge in the company of mentors, and process their emotions through exercise. Under ever-changing circumstances, our gym’s dependable operation is often the only consistent part of our student’s lives.

Bethany Christian Services of PA: "Refugee Community Hygiene Education and Supplies"

Grant amount: $1,000

With an average of 17 years spent in a refugee camp, personal hygiene and household cleanliness can be a foreign concept to newcomers in our community. In order to stop the spread of COVID-19, Bethany in partnership with Grape Leaf Empowerment Center will provide imperative hygiene education and products, including masks, to 45 refugees in Lancaster over the next three months. 

Canine Partners for Life: "COVID-19 Sustainability for Canine Partners for Life"

Grant amount: $1,000

Since 1989, Canine Partners for Life (CPL) has been dedicated to training service dogs, home companion dogs, residential companion dogs, and courthouse companion dogs to assist individuals who have a wide range of physical, developmental, and cognitive disabilities. Over the last 31 years CPL has placed more than 750 service, medical alert, companion, and courthouse dogs within Lancaster County, PA, and the broader United States. CPL provides current support to over 200 active teams.

CASA: "Crisis Response Services"

Grant Amount: $5,000

Funds are requested to support CASA’s Crisis Response Services for Lancaster residents.

Clinic for Special Children: "Addressing the Plain Communities' FAQs Regarding COVID-19

Grant amount: $1,000

The CSC is a trusted source of health information among the Plain communities of Lancaster Co. Our clinicians have had many questions from our Plain patients regarding the transmission of COVID, including how they can protect themselves and their loved ones. The CSC proposes to address these questions in an open letter from our Medical Director.

Compass Mark: "Access to Addiction Prevention Resources"


The COVID-19 pandemic presents significant challenges for people with substance use disorders, and for their friends and family members trying to navigate support programs in the community.  Compass Mark is requesting a grant to implement an online chat service for individuals seeking information about addiction treatment and recovery programs.  Funding will also support upgrades to telephone and website resources to increase community access to prevention services during the pandemic.

Community Basics Inc.: "COVID-19 Initiatives"

Grant Amount: $3,500

As we are all adjusting to what appears to be a “new normal” with COVID-19, Community Basics Inc. (CBI) has identified initiatives to implement to serve our residents in a safe and efficient manner. These initiatives include the creation of a video tour for each of CBI’s 12 residential properties to enable prospective residents to virtually tour the apartment community. Additionally, we want to implement a computer based service request process to eliminate our paper-based system.

Elizabethtown Community House & Outreach Services: "ECHOS COVID-19 Emergency Response"


ECHOS offers a continuum of care to truly meet all levels of client needs. As our trained staff engage with clients, frequently in the form of intensive case management, clients are encouraged and assisted in obtaining the natural supports and basic necessities to be successful. Through engagement, staff is equipped to provide services like budgeting, goal-planning, counseling, and resource referrals to fully assist clients in persevering through crisis.

Ephrata Area Social Services: "EASS Reponse to COVID-19 Economic Fallout"

Grant amount: $2,000

Though all four of EASS core programs have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, funds secured through the Lancaster Cares Response Fund will primarily support:
1. Individuals and families experiencing financial hardship, particularly in rent and utilities.
2. Hotel stays for individuals/families who are unable to find emergency shelter or housing immediately.
3. Gas cards so individuals/families continue to have transportation.
4. Purchase food supplies for clients and homebound seniors.

Ephrata Public Library: "Financial Aid- Rent and Utilities


We will be using funds from this grant to add to existing funds to help those in need help pay for rent and utility payments that are in arrears because of COVID-19. We have an existing application, funding process, and administrative process already in place to handle the upcoming needs.

Excentia (d.b.a. S. June Smith Center): "Excentia COVID-19 Crisis Response"

Grant amount: $5,000

Excentia Human Services is requesting a grant to help support and protect our front line direct support staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. Funds will be used to help purchase personal protective equipment (PPE) and grocery store gift cards for staff working to support people with disabilities in Lancaster.

Faith Friendship Ministries: "COVID-19 Response"

Grant amount: $4,000

We have been actively working to obtain the necessary personal protective equipment, develop and implement alternate in-house activities for our residents, and continue to accept those in need of housing through this difficult time. To date, we have 0 cases of COVID-19 among our residents and 1 case in our staff that we are aggressively fighting through full-property decontamination, increased sanitation, disinfecting and heightened vigilance over our potential risk areas.

Friendship Community: "Personal Protective Equipment"

Grant amount: $5,000

Friendship Community is a licensed provider of care for Individuals with Intellectual Disability and Autism.  Our Team Members are front line fighters against COVID-19, however, we face critical shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  During this challenging time, financial support will help Friendship Community purchase these life saving supplies and will allow us to continue to care for and protect our Individuals.

Gaudenzia Vantage: "Residential and Outpatient Services"

Grant amount: $5,000

COVID-19 severely impacts our ability to save lives. Emergency supplies would help safeguard our women, children and staff in this crisis. Funds will resolve urgent needs at Vantage and Elsie Shenk Outpatient Center: gloves, masks, sanitizers, cleaning supplies, and thermometers are critical to maintaining the health of our patients and clinical staff who are doing valiant life-saving work. Supplies would enable our women and children to remain in treatment and emerge healthy and productive.

Gaudenzia is designated as n essential, life-saving NPO. COVID19 has severely impacted our ability to provide treatment care for women and children. We urgently need PPE to keep patients and front-line staff safe as virus cases grow. Gloves, masks, gowns, face shields, digital thermometers, sanitizers and deep cleaning supplies are vital to control the virus spread. PPE prices are rising, and we had not budgeted for the continuation of COVID-19 since March. PPE is now in short supply!

Hempfield recCenter: "AED Replacement and COVID Equipment"


The demand for safety has been increasing and become a focal point of our facility. COVID-19 has significantly impacted our business and our resources. The decrease in revenue and funds has left us unable to afford the equipment to properly sanitize our facility.  Not only has it impacted our response to COVID-19, but the lack of funds has postponed our plans to replace several refurbished AED’s. Both are a very important part of our organization to maintain a safe environment.

Hope Within Ministries: "Hope Within for the Hurting"

Grant amount: $10,000

Hope Within is committed to remaining open during the pandemic and continues to serve patients; in fact, it has experienced an exponential increase in the number of patient applications and inquiries for our services since the emergence of COVID-19 restrictions. While prior to the pandemic, we saw 3-5 new patients each week, last week we had 13 new patients, likely because they lost their jobs and/or their health insurance.

Hope Within is bursting at the seams with new patient applications. We have gone from 2 clinic sessions per week to 4 in our medical practice and we have seen the same for dental and counseling. Our staff has had to put in extra hours and those hours combined with fewer donations have stretched us past what we previously believed was our capacity.

IMPACT! Missions: "Work Release Employment Initiative"

Grant amount: $6,000

IMPACT! Missions plans to hire 12 individuals released recently from Lancaster County Prison and pay them life-sustaining wages to assist with emergency home repairs and renovation projects. The program will also provide job training, counseling, and life coaching. This will allow individuals otherwise at high risk for homelessness to earn a living, while their hard work will provide much-needed shelter for others and help revitalize local neighborhoods.

Keystone Human Services: "Support for those we serve in Lancaster"

Grant amount: $3,000

Over 250 Keystone Human Services employees provide care & support to nearly 200 individuals thru our Intellectual Disabilities & Mental Health Services in neighborhood homes in Lancaster County. The services provided vary according to the need, but for everyone served, those needs have increased. This is due to the fact that day programs have closed. As assisted individuals’ time at home has increased, so has employee work hours and weeks, all while putting the safety of everyone first.

Kidney Foundation of Central PA: "COVID-19 Patient Emergency Assistance Fund"

Grant amount: $1,500

The Patient Emergency Assistance Program is an ongoing service and partnership program with registered Dialysis Centers. Patients navigate many challenges as a result of end stage renal disease (ESRD). Just a few weeks into the COVID-19 crisis, kidney patients are telling us that they’re suffering income loss, struggling to pay for life-sustaining medicines, overwhelmed about how to get to scheduled treatments, and need renal nutritional supplements to stay on prescribed treatment schedules.

Lancaster City Housing Authority: "Helping Residents Stay Connected Through COVID-19"

Grant amount: $2,750

As COVID-19 evolves, social distancing is more important than ever, especially for seniors. But social distancing doesn’t have to mean social isolation. With the help of 2 navigators, the residents will be able to stay connected with family, doctors, and mental health professionals during this time. When you can’t see your loved one in person, a video call can bring you closer together. These long-distance activities can help them spend quality time together as well as get telehealth screenings.

Lancaster County Council of Churches: "Emergency Winter Shelter COVID Supplies"

Grant Amount: $3,000

The Lancaster County Food Hub serves as a resource The Winter Shelter program operates from November to April and can accommodate up to 44 women and women with children per night. At the shelter, they receive basic necessities as well as the opportunity to meet with caseworkers to assist them in helping to find permanent housing. Almost half the women who come to the Winter Shelter are working but can’t afford adequate housing.

Lancaster County Partnership for Public Health: "Centralizing services for pregnant women with Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and their children"

Grant amount: $10,000

Guarding the health and safety of mothers and babies impacted by Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome (NOWS) by providing comprehensive services at a single clinical location, including prenatal care, medically assisted treatment for addiction, mental health counseling, immunizations, nutrition and parenting education and well-baby checkups. Currently, pregnant women with SUD must travel to locations around the county to receive these services, increasing the risk of contracting the virus.  

Lancaster Emergency Medical Services Association: "Provide Personal Protective Equipment to our Essential First Responders from Lancaster EMS"

Grant amount: $6,000

As a result of COVID-19, Lancaster EMS has an emergent need to protect our essential frontline EMS First Responders during 9-1-1 COVID related calls. As the largest ambulance service agency, with 150 clinical operational staff & highest call volume, we have an immediate need- P100 masks. We are requesting P100 respirator masks for our operational staff along with a supply of replacement filters. With 150 operational staff needing protection against COVID19, the P100 provides 99.8%. protection.

Lancaster Health Center: "Project Telemedicine"

Grant amount: $5,760

As Lancaster’s community health center, our role is to serve our patients and reach deeper to engage those without a medical home. This proactive approach to care keeps residents out of emergency departments and preserves critical hospital services. As the City’s only COVID-19 testing site, LHC is pivoting most chronic care to telemedicine. Our immediate and tangible need is for headsets to help protect the ergonomic health of our staff who are now caring for patients via phone and video.

Lancaster Osteopathic Health Foundation: "Mental Health Copay Assistance Fund"

Grant amount: $10,000

We offer Mental Health Copay Assistance to youth, children, and parents of dependent children (ages 0-25) who live in Lancaster County and have financial need. This reduces the copay to just $10 per visit with a licensed behavioral healthcare provider, including telehealth visits. Due to the COVID-10 pandemic, we’ve received requests to support all adults. We will use these funds to support adults without children so that everyone with financial need qualifies.

Lancaster Recreation Commission: "Back to School Giveaway"

Grant amount: $10,000

Each year, Lancaster Rec works closely with Rep. Mike Sturla’s office to give away thousands of shoes, uniforms, backpacks and school supplies to children in need within the School District of Lancaster. Entering it’s 9th year, Lancaster Rec and several community agencies are working together to continue this important tradition in the age of COVID. We are working hard to plan a safe and accessible way for families to get what they need to start a challenging and uncertain year. 

Landis HBCS: "Adult Day Services Center Re-opening"


Landis HCBS is made up of a number of entities serving the community to support older adults as they age safely in their homes. One entity, Landis Adult Day Services, was required to close March 16, 2020, due to the COVID 19 Pandemic.  The Center provides exercise, engaging activities, nutritious lunch, and snacks in addition to supervision by a nurse to persons that attend.  We plan to open again in August to serve clients under the CDC and DOH safe practices guidelines. 

Landis HBCS: "Z-Tutors: Intergenerational Tutoring in the Time of COVID-19


Z-Tutors is an intergenerational, tutoring program that will virtually connect a student with an older adult volunteer to help parents, support education and decrease isolation. Piloting as a program of Age-Friendly Lancaster City, it will begin with volunteers from Lancaster Downtowners and students from the School District of Lancaster(SDOL) being served by the Lancaster Recreation Commission, then transition best practices to serve families throughout Lancaster who are learning at home.

Lighthouse Vocational Services: "Remote Training Services Expansion Initiative"

Grant Amount: $10,000

Developed as an innovative response to the Covid-19 shutdown, our Remote Training Services program is a necessity for individuals we serve. We were the first provider in our area to offer adult education and vocational training to those with developmental disabilities, and we currently provide 10 online class options to 20 participants who cannot attend in-person. The purpose of our expansion initiative is to purchase technology that will equip us to be more effective and extensive in our reach.

Mental Health America of Lancaster: "Basic Needs Resource Collection for Individuals with Mental Health Diagnoses"

Grant amount: $5,000

Those with mental health challenges struggle to afford food, medication, basic hygiene supplies, and transportation. Prepaid cell phones will be temporarily distributed to allow clients to connect to staff. We will distribute hygiene kits to those in the community and to those released from incarceration. With prescription medication often making the difference between life in the community and life in a facility for those with severe mental illness, we will help pay for life-saving medication.

Milagro House: "The Learning for Success Classroom: Providing Remote Learning Support for School-Aged Children"


The Learning for Success Classroom will provide school-age children living with their mothers at Milagro House with a supportive, structured learning environment to navigate the remote learning requirements instituted by the School District of Lancaster for the 2020-2021 school year. Adding this classroom ensures their mothers – enrolled in our GED and post-secondary degree programs – may continue their own educational journeys without interruption. 

North Star Initiative: "The Harbor"

Grant amount: $4,000

The Harbor restoration program provides 24/7/365 supervised shelter and resources for female sex-trafficking survivors.  Our operating costs are significant, and COVID-19 caused a drop in financial and food donations and cancellation of fundraising events.  A grant from the Lancaster Cares COVID-19 Response Fund will help us continue to provide survivors with safe housing, food, clothing, and basic necessities, along with trauma-informed care and therapy needed to address complex trauma.

Off The Streets Now Lancaster PA Chapter: "Staying Safe While Moving Families"

Grant amount: $1,605

Volunteers operate in teams every Saturday to provide furniture/furnishings to 2 households referred by Lancaster’s agencies. A Preview Team visits the household & we deliver items, set up furniture & beds & make the beds. Moves were adapted to offer pickup by social workers or curbside drop-offs of essential, but lighter household furnishings. As operations normalize, we need masks, face guards & floor decals (warehouse) to keep safe & provide cleaning supplies to clients.

Patients R Waiting, Inc: "Creating Mental Health Access"

Grant amount: $3,000

During the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health issues have increased due to factors such as job loss, self-isolation, and increased anxiety, leaving more Lancaster residents needing mental health services in Lancaster county. Health disparities are exacerbated by the unequal effects of COVID on communities of color. This grant will allow Patients R Waiting to provide access to culturally competent mental health services to Black and Latinos with mental health care needs.

Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PSPCA)

Grant amount: $2,000

Funds are requested to support the purchase of dog and cat food for needy pet owners in Lancaster County. The financial crisis has caused tens of thousands of pet owners in the County to lose employment. Those who lack the resources to feed their pets have turned to the Lancaster Center. With its reserves exhausted, the Center can no longer provide food to needy citizens without support. As a result, we predict an increase in strays and surrenders that will encumber the Center’s mission.

Planned Parenthood Keystone (PPKeystone) Telehealth Program

Grant amount: $4,000

On April 3, PPKeystone launched a telehealth program that allows patients access to high-quality affordable reproductive health care services by phone and/or through a private and secure video conferencing platform. On May 4, PPKeystone was proud to add at-home STI (sexually-transmitted infection) testing and treatment to our telehealth offerings. Telehealth is expanding access to services like birth control supply, urinary tract infections and vaginitis treatments, and emergency contraception. 

Pregnancy Resources at Cornerstone: "Healthy Choices"

REAL Life Community Services

Grant amount: $2,000

REAL Life Community Services provides social services to the community at the Declaration House, 240 Main Street, Suite B, Denver. Declaration House creates a new social services hub for the people of northern Lancaster County, we also serve as the Cocalico affiliate for PowerPacks. This project will increase our benevolence fund to provide for the Cocalico School District during this difficult time. The increased funds will enable our social worker to assist the community with food, rental, & utility assistance as well as other life-sustaining needs.

Safe Communities: "Protecting our Children during COVID-19 (ESTAMOS TODOS UNIDOS)"

Grant amount: $1,834

Standing Together is a bi-lingual campaign focused on educating adults in our community about child safety in four areas where COVID-19 isolation exposes them to increased risk: sexual abuse, living with an addicted caregiver, mental health, and the coronavirus itself. Safe Communities initiated the Project in collaboration with the Spanish American Civic Association, Penn Medicine/LG Health, and Joining Forces for Children. Multiple agencies will assist with the dissemination of our material.

South Central PA Sickle Cell Council: "Emergency Relief"

Grant amount: $1,000

National health inequity within the minority community hits home in Lancaster County.

Spanish American Civic Association: "PPE for clients"

Grant Amount: $5,000

SACA is seeking financial support for the purchase of Personal Protection Equipment for clients visiting our human service facilities. Our clients often lack proper PPE such masks, sanitizer, etc when they present themselves for services.. SACA requires that all clients entering observe our COVID 19 safety guidelines. This includes wearing masks and utilizing gloves and/or hand sanitizer, especially when being served for helping to serve food in our facilities.

Thaddeus Stevens Foundation: "Computer Equipment Fund for Students"

Grant amount: $10,000

Improve 10 low-income post-secondary students’ learning by acquiring and loaning computer laptops with software, plus internet subscriptions as needed, so students can enroll and persist in their education toward an associate degree whether they attend Thaddeus Stevens College’s in-person classes or must use online learning platforms due to Covid. Some students have only their smartphones for internet access, which inhibits learning. 

The Mix at Arbor Place: "Neighbors Helping Neighbors" and "Assisting Families Returning to Work"

Grant amount: $6,525

We will create ” Family Care Packages” they will include supplies such as age-appropriate books, student & family bibles, art materials, board games, and other supplies to help equip them for learning at home & bring the family together through fun activities. We will also be including a $25 gift card for groceries, basic household supplies, toiletries, and personal hygiene items. Provide weekly Family Therapy Sessions via Zoom to support the families Mental Health.
Sanitation Stations & Masks

Grant amount: $10,000

To provide Lancaster city families with school-aged children a full-day organized summer programming allowing parents the opportunity of returning to work, knowing their children will have safe, supervised daily enrichment/recreational activities and nutritionally balanced meals. Summer Programming will be offered to working families first and will be held in (3) two-week sessions from June 29th through August 7th. We will follow all the safety precautions recommended by the CDC.

The Mix at Arbor Place: "Extended Day Learning Hub"


We have been approached by the School District of Lancaster along with several other CBO’s to collaborate with them by opening and staffing our buildings on an extended/modified schedule to accommodate 100 students. We will provide classroom space and staffing to assist students with online instruction and provide a safe constructive environment for learning and mentoring. 

UDS: "COVID-19 Emergency Fund"

Grant amount: $2,000

The Commonwealth has identified UDSF as a life-sustaining/life-critical business required to remain open. We provide services to individuals with disabilities who are considered to be the most vulnerable to contract COVID-19. Our staff continues to provide critical, life sustaining services during the pandemic by making home visits to provide vital care despite the challenging risks of COVID-19. Financial support will help UDSF to continue this essential work for people with disabilities.

Wakefield Ambulance Association: "Protect the Rescuers"

Grant amount: $500

WAA seeks funding from the Lancaster County Community Foundation to purchase much-needed protective equipment and basic disposable supplies to treat COVID positive patients in the southern end of the county.  WAA has experienced a significant increase in the utilization of protective equipment and supplies that, combined with the decrease in reimbursement from care that is now unreimbursed, places a strain on our operating budget.  

Water Street Ministries: "Serving Amid COVID-19"

Grant amount: $10,000

This project is adapting our operations to follow the guidance from the CDC, our local health care partners, and our government officials.

To better serve the guests at the mission we have increased expenses in cleaning and significant adjustment in food services. To better serve the students at home we have purchased Chromebooks and IT items to support the students and virtual work.

Grant amount: $2,000

To better serve and keep the guests safer and healthier at the mission cleaning has become a major priority. With some of our staff working remotely and some impacted by the virus, we need to ensure we have enough staff to complete the necessary day to day activities on campus and have hired some temporary staff to help us during the COVID-19 season.

Welsh Mountain Hope: "Connecting WMH Residents With Family Again"


To allow residents to have family visits virtually through an iPad device as they are currently restricted from visiting their loved ones face to face for the time being.

Youth Advocate Programs: "Lancaster YAP Cares "

Grant amount: $2,500

Funds will be used to meet essential needs of vulnerable families and to reengage program youth with complex needs.
YAP will prepare weekly essential “packs” of food for families, considering specific needs and family size; provide financial assistance for rent/mortgages, utilities and cell phones/internet and supplemental income to YAPWORX youth to reengage and encourage completion of modules by providing a stipend for completion over the 90-day period.

All possible thanks to you

Thanks to your extraordinary generosity, we are proud to be able to distribute more funding to organizations meeting the need across Lancaster County. Your support for our community is unparalleled, and together we are working to build hope, and shape our shared future.

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