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Lancaster County’s Community Endowment

So, what makes our work possible?

Our community’s endowment!

The Community Foundation uses the transformational potential of community-based philanthropy and the power of endowment to help shape a Lancaster County where every individual is valued, has a sense of belonging, and has the opportunity to thrive.

Since 1924, people who care about Lancaster County have trusted the Community Foundation with their donations. This money has been pooled and invested strategically for long-term growth so that it steadily yields dollars to benefit our community year after year.

We care for more than 540 different funds that support a wide variety of causes, and collectively they create our community’s endowment. And individuals, organizations, and businesses are contributing to the endowment and establishing new funds that focus on what they’re most passionate about every day.

Because these funds are endowed, we activate a percentage of the dollars every year while the majority remains invested to grow in value. Today, important projects and initiatives benefit from money that was invested decades ago by people like you. Tomorrow, future generations will continue to benefit from those same past contributions, in addition to those we make today. 

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