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Fund Types and Ways To Give

Create A Giving Strategy

Every day Forever Lancaster works closely with individuals and families, as well as trusted professional advisors, to craft effective giving strategies that realize your philanthropic goals. We have a wide range of giving options at the Community Foundation to support your giving.

Forever Lancaster is here to match your giving goals with the right type of fund. We bring together local expertise and endowment knowledge to help amplify your philanthropic impact. 

Fund Forms and Resources

The Forever Lancaster team is here to work with you to shape your giving plan. We are available to talk with you about ways to maximize your impact and meet your philanthropic goals.

Forms and Resources

Find our directory of forms and resources.

Fundholder Portal

All fundholders have 24/7 online access to check statements, add money, or make grants through their fundholder portal.

Non-Cash Assets

The Community Foundation can accept a wide range of assets, helping you convert resources into charitable impact. The types of gifts we accept is guided by our Foundation gift acceptance policy. Please reach out to discuss any questions you have about gifting non-cash assets. 


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