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Fund Types and Ways To Give

Create A Giving Strategy

Every day Forever Lancaster works closely with individuals and families, as well as trusted professional advisors, to craft effective giving strategies that realize your philanthropic goals. We have a wide range of giving options at the Community Foundation to support your giving.

Forever Lancaster is here to match your giving goals with the right type of fund. We bring together local expertise and endowment knowledge to help amplify your philanthropic impact. 

Fund Types and Ways to Give

Corporate Advised Fund


A fund set up by a corporation that allows your team to flexibly decide which community benefit organizations to support. Multiple donors to contribute.  Can be endowed or spend-down.

Ideal For

Businesses looking for a partner in corporate philanthropy, ways to reduce the administration of donations, and support in philanthropic strategy.

The Woodstream Foundation Fund

Charitable Gift Annuity


A planned giving option that allows you and/or loved ones to receive a fixed income stream for life and to make an endowed contribution to the charitable organization or cause of your choice. 

Ideal For

Donors looking to support a specific cause, organization, or the Lancaster County community generally, while providing themselves with an income source they can count on for the rest of their life. 

CGA Rates and Resources

Designated Fund


Provides ongoing, permanent support to one or more community benefit organizations or charitable programs.

Ideal For

A donor interested in benefiting a specific organization on an annual basis in perpetuity while living or as a part of a will

John & Anna Erb Fund for Lancaster County Parks and Recreation

Donor Advised Fund


Offers flexibility by allowing one or two donors to recommend grants to charitable projects or organizations.

Can be endowed or spend-down.

Ideal For

A donor looking to have flexibility and direct decision-making influence over the use of charitable funds.

A private foundation looking to ease its administrative burden and convert its funds.

Dr. Rita Smith-Wade-El Legacy Fund

Field of Interest Fund


Supports a broad area of charitable interest, such as the environment, the arts, or education. The Foundation awards grants to charitable programs within the field of interest and has the flexibility to respond to changing opportunities within that field.

Ideal For

A donor interested in benefiting a broad range of organizations within a particular field.

Lancaster Clean Water Fund

Flex Fund


Community benefit organizations that currently have an endowment of $50,000 or more can open this fund, which allows for the entire balance to be accessed at any time.

Ideal For

Organizations with existing endowments and resources that want to earn interest while being accessible. Also ideal for capital campaigns.

Bethel AME Flex Fund

Giving Circle


Individuals bring resources and knowledge together to make a meaningful impact. Multiple individuals contribute to a common cause and collectively decide where to grant.

Ideal For

A group looking to participate in philanthropy in a collaborative way.

A group of individuals passionate about a cause and pooling their resources to create impact

Aastha Horizons Fund

Organizational Endowment


A fund that is set up by a community benefit organization to be endowed permanently and allow gifts from other donors to be accepted. Annual spendable amount provides unrestricted income to the organization.

Ideal For

An organization starting or expanding a planned giving program.

An established organization looking to create regular, unrestricted funding over the long-term.

An organization that has received a large bequest.

Gretna Music Fund

Scholarship Fund


The donor determines field, amount, and nature of the award. Application and award process managed by the Community Foundation benefits students at any educational level.

Ideal For

An individual looking to memorialize a loved one.


An individual looking to benefit students pursuing a specific area of study.

Scholarships for Lancaster Students

Fund Forms and Resources

The Forever Lancaster team is here to help you shape your giving strategy. We are available to talk with you about ways to maximize your impact and meet your philanthropic goals.

Forms and Resources

Find our directory of forms and resources.

Fundholder Portal

All fundholders have 24/7 online access to check statements, add money, or make grants through their fundholder portal.

Non-Cash Assets

The Community Foundation can accept a wide range of assets, helping you convert resources into charitable impact. The types of gifts we accept is guided by our Foundation gift acceptance policy. Please reach out to discuss any questions you have about gifting non-cash assets. 

Type Benefits
Art, Collectibles, Other Tangible Property Convert unused assets into gifts for charity.
Eliminate capital gains tax.
Closely Held Securities (business interests) Eliminate or reduce capital gains tax. Eligible for income or estate tax charitable deduction. Receive a stream of income. Diversifying portfolio. Benefit charitable causes now and/or in the future.
Life Insurance Ease of setup. Allows you to name a beneficiary. Create a lasting legacy. Specify how the gift should be used (ex. multiple funds or organizations).
Private Foundation Conversion Allows flexibility to address foundation’s mission. Protects generational priorities. Calibrates the spend rate.
Publicly-traded Securities – stocks, mutual funds, ETFs Eliminate long-term capital gains taxes. Eligible for income tax deduction of full fair market value. Ease of adding assets to an existing fund.
Real Estate Eliminating or reducing capital gains tax. Eligible for income or estate tax deduction. No longer managing portfolios. Diversifying portfolio. Benefitting your favorite causes.
Retirement Funds Ease of setup. Allows you to name a beneficiary for charitable purposes. Create a lasting legacy. Specify how the gift should be used (ex. multiple funds or organizations).
Will or Trust No cost today. Clarity for loved ones and next generation. Amount can be specified in absolute amounts or in percentages.

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