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Lancaster Foundation Team

Amplify Your Impact by giving through the Lancaster County Community Foundation

For nearly 100 years, people who care about Lancaster County have invested money with the Community Foundation. We care for more than 540 individual funds that support a wide variety of causes. Collectively, these dollars create our community’s endowment; a pool of resources invested for long-term growth, providing ongoing dollars to create positive impact in the county now and forever. We focus on inspired giving, responsible stewardship, and engaged communities to connect what giving makes possible now to the power it has to shape our shared future.

Shaping Our Shared Future

The Community Foundation uses the transformational potential of community-based philanthropy and the power of endowment to help shape a Lancaster County where every individual is valued, has a sense of belonging, and has the opportunity to thrive.

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Forever Lancaster Environment

Your Local Philanthropic Resource

The Forever Lancaster team is here to provide information and support to organizations and individuals. Our team works with the community to bring dollars, funds, and people together in making Lancaster County a vibrant place, now and into the future. We share about ways to give and are here for you, as your philanthropic advisors, on your giving journey.

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Giving Forward – S. Dale High

“It’s exciting to think about what might be possible here.” S. Dale High established The High Foundation Fund at the Community Foundation to inspire others to consider how they are investing our shared future.

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Giving Forward – The Rosado Family

“It would be such an awesome thing, even in Lancaster County, to see a massive growth in the impact of young people.” Cathie wanted to teach her kids the value of giving through volunteering and donating. Find out how she and her family are shaping the future of our community.

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Giving Forward – Drops of Hope

“Creating an impact in the world does not mean you have to be wealthy.” Rebekah and Jacques Abreu give through their Drops of Hope Fund at the Community Foundation to help support other families that have experienced loss.

For Donors

What do you want to achieve with your giving? It’s a simple question with unlimited potential for impact. We work closely with individuals and families like you from across the county to amplify your impact in giving.

For Professional Advisors

Since 1924, generous community members and their trusted advisors have relied on the Lancaster County Community Foundation’s philanthropic knowledge and expertise to amplify their giving and positively impact this extraordinary community.