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Current Initiatives

Lancaster County is rich with caring people, new ideas, and constant change. We believe this is energy to be nurtured, emboldened, and amplified.

We may not have all of the answers, but we have the immense benefit of the perspective and experience of residents from across our community. Your hopes, ideas, and experience fuels our work, and our initiatives seek to reflect those insights from people in our community. Together,  you can help us move toward a stronger, kinder, more equitable, more extraordinary future for all of us.

Our current initiatives

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Emboldening Antiracism

Lancaster County is a rich tapestry of backgrounds, ethnicities, perspectives, and heritage. It is also part of a nation with a centuries-old legacy of systematic oppression of black people, indigenous people, and people of color. We cannot change our shared past, but we can work to acknowledge it, learn from it, and imagine a different kind of future. At the Community Foundation, we know we have a lot to learn. We invite you to join us to be part of listening, learning, and creating a more equitable future for our children and a more inclusive, more resilient community for all of us.

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In Good Company

In Good Company creates an opportunity to focus on the future sustainability and profitability of the Lancaster County business sector. It is a movement to empower local businesses to build a stronger, healthier society while harnessing the competitive advantage of doing good through their businesses. Our business sector has the raw materials to lead the nation with a business for good mindset and can set the stage for Lancaster to be a leading business community of the future.

In partnership with the Lancaster Chamber and ASSETS

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The Extraordinary Give

In one extraordinary day each year, for 24 hours, our community is transformed into a community-wide celebration of generosity that supports more than 500 community benefit organizations serving our region. In just 9 days of giving, The Extraordinary Give has raised more than $60 million for more than 600 organizations, and engaged more than 100,000 donors across Lancaster County.

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Project Activate

Project Activate is a multi-community initiative focused on listening deeply to community voices to get to the root of large issues. Project Activate is about starting small in local neighborhoods, deciding what works and what doesn’t, before scaling up. Project Activate is about building with communities, not for them; it’s about asking for feedback not just at the beginning of the process but at every stage of the process.

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Reinventing Our Communities Cohort

A cross-sector collaboration of organizations, businesses, and community members in Lancaster County is proud to announce its participation in the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia’s second annual Reinventing Our Communities (ROC) cohort program. This program will use a lens of racial justice to focus on equitable business recovery, and to support small business owners and entrepreneurs disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and those that have been historically and systematically oppressed.   

As we progress through the learning journey, we are committed to continuously reach out to community members and leaders for insights on the needs of our community. 

Share your ideas, thoughts, and insights on the needs of our community, or ideas to promote equitable business recovery and growth in Lancaster County.

Granting and Legacy

In addition to our current community initiatives, the work of the Lancaster County Community Foundation focuses on investing in new and proven ideas from our community benefit sector through granting,  emboldening the next generation of thinkers and leaders through scholarships, as well as continuing to secure our community’s shared future by turning your passion into legacy.

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We know that CBOs (Community Benefit Organizations) have unparalleled knowledge and experience working with Lancaster residents and addressing the needs of our community. Your work inspires us and brings essential support to residents across our community.

2021 grant cycles will open on March 3, 2021!

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Forever lancaster donors


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Forever Lancaster is a pathway for you to imagine and create the community you want to see: for today, tomorrow, and forever. By investing even asmall piece of your estate in the future of Lancaster, you can help turn your ideas into action, and your passion into legacy.

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