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Emboldening Extraordinary Community

We embolden extraordinary ideas today and invest in our shared future for tomorrow.

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Our granting

Our granting

We know that Community Benefit Organizations (CBOs) have unparalleled knowledge and experience working with Lancaster residents and addressing the needs of our community. Your work inspires us and brings essential support to residents across our community. 

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Shaping Our Shared Future

Shaping Our Shared Future

For nearly 100 years, we’ve been working with people in Lancaster County to care for each other and our communal spaces, acknowledge our interconnected past, and shape our future. Whether you volunteer your time, give today, or plan to leave a legacy, it’s our shared commitment to the future that ensures everyone will have the opportunity to thrive for the next 100 years. 

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What makes our work possible?

We use the transformational potential of community-based philanthropy and the power of endowment to help shape a Lancaster County where every individual is valued, has a sense of belonging, and has the opportunity to thrive. 

Find out how it works. 

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We’re here to embolden you, your ideas, and your passion for Lancaster County.

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