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Dreaming fearlessly


Lancaster County has always risen to meet challenges, create opportunity, and thrive. And whether these challenges are recent, or generations old, we believe our community has the raw materials to achieve transformational change. To turn dreams into action, and possible into extraordinary.

The Community Foundation is committed to working alongside you to overcome these challenges together: to embolden a community where each voice is heard, every resident is safe, and Black lives matter.

COVID-19 Response Fund         Confronting Racism

Extraordinary Give 2020 Highlights

THANK YOU for being part of 2020 Extraordinary Give! This year was more important than ever to help support each other: caring for each other’s health by wearing masks and staying socially distant, supporting our local businesses, and especially, supporting the many causes across our community that care for people and enrich our lives.

Together, we made this year the biggest ExtraGive yet: more than 30,000 donors gave over $13 million to support 522 organizations!

That’s extraordinary!

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What is the Extraordinary Give?

In one extraordinary day each year, for 24 hours, our community is transformed into a community-wide celebration of generosity that supports more than 500 community benefit organizations serving our region. 

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ExtraGive CAST Highlights

Our community brings so much energy to the Extraordinary Give every year, we knew we needed to find a new way to connect in 2020. We designed Extra Give CAST as a special way for people to experience this year’s Extraordinary Give from the safety and comfort of their own home. 

Browse our COVID-19 resource center

COVID-19 is impacting families across Lancaster County in ways we have not before experienced. Furthermore, Black and populations of color have continued to be disproportionately affected by both the health and economic outcomes of this pandemic.  That’s why Lancaster County Community Foundation and the United Way of Lancaster County are supporting our community’s neighbors, friends, and families and their most critical needs.


Browse our COVID-19 response center where you can find resources for individuals, organizations, and businesses. You can also see ways that you can support the community, and check out local resources to stay up to date on developments.



Throughout 2021 we accepted applications from eligible organizations that could quickly and efficiently provide resources and support to residents of Lancaster County, PA affected by COVID-19.


See the impact that the Lancaster Cares COVID-19 Response Fund is having in the community.

Through Lancaster Cares, we have supported 77 local organizations. See a full list here.

Get to Know Us:

Our Impact

Our Impact

We have been doing lots all around the community! 

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Our Approach

Our Approach

We recognize that Lancaster County is an extraordinary community that carries an immense about of power and ambition. We see our job as a community foundation to embolden our community which can and must look many different ways. Sometimes it’s using your voice to invite conversation, and sometimes it’s using your dollars to create pathways for action, even if none exists yet. 

How might we cultivate a culture of equitable and inclusive opportunities for Lancaster County? 

This is a big question. And we want to work with you to find solutions together.

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Forevever Lancaster

Forevever Lancaster

By investing even a small piece of your estate in the Forever Lancaster endowment program, you help turn ideas into action and passion into legacy. You imagine and create the community you want to see today, tomorrow, and forever.

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The Extraordinary Give

The Extraordinary Give

Be part of Lancaster County’s largest day of giving! In just 7 days, our community has raised more than $42 MILLION for Lancaster organizations. If you’re looking for a place to start your journey into creating extraordinary community, the ExtraGive is a great place to start!

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We’re here to make the connection:

We all have hopes for our community. Our work is to embolden you to turn that passion into action. You are the spark that will help turn possible into extraordinary!

Take thoughtful risks
Bring multiple voices and perspectives to the conversation
Invest in new ideas
Try new models
Learn from failure

Are you ready to shape our community together?

We believe that every person can be a catalyst for what’s next and your ideas can be just the spark to find it.

How do you want to get started?

group of community benefit leaders
Community Benefit Orgs (CBO)

Community Benefit Orgs (CBO)

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Endowments & Funds

Endowments & Funds

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We know that Lancaster County is extraordinary. And we’re just getting started! 

We believe that every person can be a catalyst for what’s next and your energy can be just the spark we need to find it.

Get Involved

You’re doing extraordinary things every day:

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