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Create a Fund

You may feel inspired to make an investment in our community by creating a fund today. Individuals with any kind of fund are part of our Forever Lancaster movement at the Community Foundation and have the chance to see their investment at work and their legacy start to take root. 

Explore our different kinds of funds and how you can make an impact.

Donor Advised

Donor Advised Fund

How it works:
You recommend the projects and organizations that benefit from your fund each year. You may appoint successor advisers to suggest how the grants are used in the future and/or create instructions as to how the fund will benefit your causes forever. 

Why people like it: 
A Donor Advised Fund allows donors and successor generations to play an active role giving back in our community.

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Field of Interest

Field of Interest Fund

How it works:
You choose the kind of cause—your field of interest—that you want to support forever. Your field of interest can be as broad (“improving education in Lancaster County”) or as narrow (“supporting the visual arts in the City of Lancaster”) as you like. Each year, your dollars will be infused into the community to support the broad cause that you care about.

Why people like it: 
A Field of Interest fund allows people to support broad areas of interest. This kind of fund also responds to the changing opportunities and needs of our community so your gift stays relevant and working in our community forever.

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Designated Fund

How it works:
You are committed to a specific nonprofit organization or have multiple organizations that are important to you. Your fund provides ongoing support to the organizations that you designate. You can choose all dollars to go to a single nonprofit (100% to the Manheim Township Library) or multiple organizations (50% to Habitat for Humanity, 50% to Fulton Theatre).

Why people like it: 
When people open a Designated Fund, they have confidence that the organizations they care about will have their support forever. People appreciate knowing that they do not need to take any further action to ensure the organizations will continue to receive their dollars of support.

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Community Impact Fund

How it works:
You entrust the Community Foundation to delegate your funds to support our community’s greatest opportunities and most pressing needs. This permanent fund ensures that your investment will always make an impact for the people of Lancaster County.

Why people like it: 
A Community Impact Fund allows people to invest in the future of our community with the assurance that their dollars will always support emerging and important causes. Described as the “highest and best use” of philanthropic assets, Community Impact Funds are designed to grow and change with the changing community- always remaining relevant with the passage of time.

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Organizational Fund

How it works:
Established by community benefit organizations, these funds provide a source of revenue and operating security forever.

Why people like it:
Organizations establishing funds can feel secure in knowing their fund is invested by experts and offers easy solutions for their donors. We walk alongside you and your donors in whatever way makes sense for you- setting the stage for long term support of your mission.

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Corporate Advised Fund

How it works:
Established by corporations or civic organizations, this type of fund is one in which the donor adviser is not an individual, but a company. Corporate donor advised funds allow businesses to invest money in an account dedicated solely to charitable giving and then use that money to make a difference in Lancaster County. 

Why people like it:
Corporate Advised Funds provide an easy and efficient way for businesses to give back to their communities and involve employees in the process. More than ever, companies of all sizes are turning to this cost-effective and meaningful solution to meet this need.

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Scholarship Fund

How it works:
Donors establish scholarship funds to provide educational opportunities for local students. 

Why people like it:
Donors establishing scholarship funds can choose the field of study, the specifics of the school or class to which the award is made, and whether the scholarship is renewable to the student. A turn-key selection process gives the donor peace of mind that the award is compliant with all state and federal requirements.

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Donor Perks

As a Forever Lancaster donor, you’ve got an entire community of local experts on your side. With deep roots in Lancaster County, we can connect you to the organizations and people who are making a difference. When you join the Forever Lancaster movement, you gain access to:

  • Insider events
  • Online fund management
  • Connection to local community benefit organizations
  • Access to giving and planning experts
  • Personalized and professional service

Gift Planning Resources

Need help with charitable planning? We can provide you with resources, connections to knowledgeable Forever Lancaster staff, and assistance in coordinating with expert professional advisors.

Contact Us

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Questions about how you can plan a gift through Forever Lancaster and make a lasting impact in our community? Reach out to Ashlinn Masland-Sarani or give her a call at 717-397-1629 x118.