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Winners of Lancaster 5-Minute Film Festival

FilmFestLogoLights… Camera… Local! This spring, the Lancaster County Community Foundation called on our diverse and extraordinary community to tell stories about Lancaster County. The Community Foundation pitched a challenge to area filmmakers: capture our community through your eyes, and tell a story about the place we call home and the people that are changing our community for the better.

Professional, amateur, and student filmmakers rose to the challenge and submitted a variety of films- featuring local libraries and museums, environmental initiatives, creative businesses, service organizations and showcasing what makes Lancaster County a unique place to live.

“The Lancaster 5-Minute Film Festival is hyperlocal.  People from our community telling stories about our community,” said Diana Martin, Communications Manager at the Lancaster County Community Foundation, who organized the competition. “Our goal was to create an opportunity for members of our community to showcase what they’re passionate about. To show a slice of the life that is going on around us every day.”

To see all films entered in the competition, CLICK HERE.


5-Minute Film Festival Award Winners:

  • FIRST PLACE ($1500 prize): “Life Stats” by Jason Bartch.

A narrative filmed in Lancaster, PA. Life isn’t as well-calculated as it seems for Elliot, who wears a device around his wrist that compiles statistics for everything he does.

  • SECOND PLACE ($1000 prize): “Juggle” by Alexander Monelli.

The story of a married juggler and clown duo living in Lancaster.  Jason and Kate Horst juggle many different professions in the arts to make a living as they prepare for a new member of their family.

  • THIRD PLACE ($500 prize): “Fiddle Creek Dairy” by Silas Crews.

Situated in the rolling hills of southern Lancaster County, Tim, Frances and their young son Eli live and work on a 55-acre farm with a small herd of Jersey cows, chickens, a few cats and two goats.

  • STUDENT AWARD ($500 prize) “The Place Where I Simply Lived” by Alexandra Struminger.

The film paints a cultural portrait of Lancaster County in scenic shots echoing an original poem and a local music composition.


 People’s Choice Award Winners (Determined by online voting)

  • Professional- “Everyone’s Journey Matters” by Chuck Holt
  • Amateur- “Plant a Seed… In Lancaster County” by Teresa L. Rineer
  • College Student- “The Gift” by Rebecca Gant and Amy Bianco
  • High School Student- “The Big, Little Story” by Zachary Will

Judging Panel:

  • Penn Ketchum, Penn Cinema
  • Michele Mercure, Haverstick Films
  • Michael Hoober, Rumschpringe International Short Film Festival
  • Karen Roberts, Zoetropolis Art House & Theatre
  • Diana Martin, Lancaster County Community Foundation

A curated selection of the films will be screened June 6-12 at Zoetropolis Theatre, 315 W. James Street, Lancaster, PA.  The films will be screened with a 10-minute documentary created by local filmmakers Haverstick Films on NYC Carriage Horses (including the implication this debate could have in Lancaster County), narrated by actor Liam Neeson.

Screening Times at Zoetropolis Theatre:

  • Friday, 6/6- Film Festival Launch Party: 5-9 PM. 9:00 Screening.
  • Saturday, 6/7- 3:00, 5:00, 7:00, 9:00
  • Sunday, 6/8- 2:30, 5:00, 7:30
  • Wednesday, 6/11- 6:30
  • Thursday, 6/12- 6:30

List of Films to be Screened:

  • “I Made it With Colors” by James Hollenbaugh
  • “Lancaster Social Enterprise” by Michael Schmucker
  • “Water Street Documentary” by Kevin Sylvester
  • “Love or an Oldsmobile” by Chris Blose
  • “A Sustainable Journey” by Josh Sperow
  • “Hit & Miss” by Mathew Sware
  • “The Gift” by Rebecca Gant & Amy Bianco
  • “The Place Where I Simply Lived” by Alexandra Struminger
  • “Fiddle Creek Dairy” by Silas Crews
  • “Juggle” By Alexander Monelli
  • “Life Stats” by Jason Bartch
  • Feature Film: “Save NYC Horse Carriages” by Haverstick Films. Narrated by actor Liam Neeson.
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