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Announcing: The Give FLEET

Want to help make this the biggest ExtraGive yet?


Be part of the Give FLEET and deck out your vehicle with fun (magnetic) decals to spread the word in the lead-up to Lancaster County’s largest day of giving!

This year, dozens of individuals across Lancaster County will be part of spreading the word about Lancaster County’s Largest Day of Giving.  From Akron to Quarryville and Marietta to New Holland, people across our community will have the chance to promote the Extraordinary Give from the comfort of their own vehicle!

The Give Fleet is a volunteer driving squad who will promote the Extraordinary Give by applying a specially-designed magnet to their personal or business vehicle. Magnets will be available through the Lancaster County Community Foundation.  Give Fleet volunteers will apply their own magnet at any time the week of November 10 – 16, 2018.

Thanks to the Give Fleet, reminders about the Extraordinary Give will travel in, out, and around Lancaster County for the entire week leading to the big day on November 16.

Be part of this year’s Give FLEET:



Already on board?

Spread the word with graphics on social media (right click and save as):



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