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Passion Grants

Passion Grants convert The Community Foundation’s donors’ passions into impact through supporting programming in a broad range of focus areas including: human services, the environment, restoring historical structures, clean water, human rights/inclusion, the arts, preschool child development, and projects in Eastern Lancaster County.

The John J. Snyder Fund is a specific type of passion grant meant for the preservation of historical buildings. This fund has a separate application and evaluation criteria.


Passion Grants Info Session

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You must complete a Letter of Intent (LOI) before you can start the full application. LOI and draft applications are due for staff feedback (optional) on May 12 at 11:59 pm.  Final application deadline is May 19 at 11:59 pm.

Application Process and Timeline

Read about our application process and see our full application timeline.

Info Sheet & Eligibility

Get a snapshot of everything you need to know about Passion Grants & view our general eligibility requirements for funding.

Eligibility Requirements

Application Questions

Get a preview of the application questions.

These projects turn love of community into lasting change!

See if any of these grants might be right for your organization:

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Ada F. Harr Fund:

$32,300 available, grant range $10,000 – $32,300

Provides home health or custodial care to people living in their homes who are affected by illness or disability in Lancaster County.

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Katherine K. Gaeth Fund:

$24,200 available, grant range $10,000 – $24,200

Funding for human service support that provides a direct benefit to clients, such as housing needs and home modifications, utilities, home care assistance, and food access.

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Anne C. & W. Franklin Ressler Fund:

$28,900 available, grant range $10,000 – $28,900

Supports programs working with residents in Eastern Lancaster County, exclusively in the geographic regions of Conestoga Valley School District, Eastern Lancaster County School District, and Pequea Valley School District.

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Lancaster Environmental Fund:

$32,600 available, grant range $10,000 – $32,600

Encourages environmental protection, conservation, and environmental education efforts.

• Preserve and protect the natural resources and environment of Lancaster County.

• Increase the awareness of the public of the need to manage and conserve natural resources and to protect the environment.

• Investigate, explore, study, and evaluate new, useful, and efficient methods, procedures, and technologies relating to resource conservation, waste management, and protection of the environment.

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Patrick Kenney, Jr. Memorial Education Fund & K.L. Shirk Memorial Fund:

$15,000 available, grant range $7,500 – $15,000

Supports programs that fight hate and bigotry while seeking social justice for the most vulnerable members of Lancaster County, through internships, scholarships, workshops, and education.

man paints on large canvas


Florence Starr Taylor Fund for the Visual Arts, Lancaster Arts and Culture Fund, & Eloise Award Fund:

$15,000 available, grant range $7,500 – $15,000

Provides support to visual arts programs in Lancaster County, with a preference given for those that serve underrepresented or underserved groups in our community.

Man drums


Sam and Verda Taylor Fund for the Performing Arts:

$28,600 available, grant range $10,000 – $28,600

Supports performing arts programs in the Lancaster County community, with a preference given for those that serve underrepresented or underserved groups in our community.

Two children dance at 2019 extra give


Better Lancaster Fund:

$25,300 available, grant range $10,000 – $25,300

Supports programs that increase early childhood development for children from birth to age five.

Evaluation Criteria

• Need and Vision – Does the application address community needs, and does it outline a clear vision for change?

• Equity and Inclusion – Does the organization demonstrate a commitment to racial equity, inclusion, and social justice? Does the program focus on an underserved or underrepresented group of people?

• Implementation Plan – How effectively does the application outline a plan for project coordination, utilization of funding, strategies, and timeline?

• Collaboration – Does the application incorporate meaningful collaboration or partnerships with other organizations?

• Organizational Capacity – Does the organization demonstrate capacity to successfully implement its proposed program?

• Results  – Does the application articulate ways the organization will measure the effect of the program or solution at a broad community level, and are the outcomes meaningful and feasible?

Eligibility Requirements

Before starting an application for any grant, review our general eligibility requirements.

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John J. Snyder Fund

The John J. Snyder Fund is a specific type of passion grant meant for the preservation of historical buildings in Lancaster or Cumberland County, and has its own separate application.

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