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Partnership Program

The Partnership Program supports the intentional and formal steps of bringing together multiple community benefit organizations or a community benefit organization with a for-profit organization through a merger, the legal binding of two or more organizations with overlapping or complementary missions, audiences or services into one organization to increase organizational efficiency and mission-related outcomes. To apply, organizations must obtain a formal declaration of intent to merge, signed by boards of directors chairs.

Grant Range: Grant requests of up to $20,000 will be considered. The Community Foundation may consider offering partial funding of any given request.

Application is Open

*Applications will be accepted at any time until December 1, 2023, or until available funding is exhausted.*

tabor & lhop

Eligible Program Costs

Legal fees


Organizational development planning

Consultant or facilitator fees

Meeting expenses

Consult with staff if you have other ideas for spending the funds

Grant Criteria:

• Goals and Objectives – Are the goals and objectives clearly outlined? Does the partnership bring operational efficiencies, increase access of services and/or increase the impact in the community?

• Equity and Inclusion – How are the organizations considering the role they play to increase equity and inclusion in our community, and does merger help achieve those goals

• Implementation Plan – Does the application outline a clear implementation plan, timeline and utilization of grant funds?

• Trust and Buy-in – Does the application demonstrate that the Executive Directors, Boards of Directors and staff from all organizations involved have worked to develop trust and buy-in with the merger


Application Review Process:

• Conversation of Intent – Contact Community Foundation staff to set up a meeting to discuss your interest in submitting a application. If staff determines it is a good fit for the program, they will give the organization an access code to apply online.

• Application Submission – Partners submit an online application. In addition to the documentation listed under “Eligibility” section, we will require a Memorandum of Understanding or other documentation of organizational intent to partner, signed by board chairs representing the organizations.

• Application Review – Applications are reviewed to determine eligibility, fit for the fund, receipt of required documents and due diligence. Staff may request additional information or
adaptations to the application.



Start a conversation with Dave Koser at 397-1629 ext. 112 prior to submitting an application. If your organization is eligible, you will receive an access code.


Once you have an access code, login or register as a Grant Applicant and enter the access code to begin the application process.

Application Process and Timeline

Read about our application process and see our full application timeline.

Info Sheet & Eligibility

Get a snapshot of everything you need to know about the Partnership Program & view our general eligibility requirements for funding.

Eligibility Requirements

Application Questions

Get a preview of the application questions.

Email Director of Programs, Dave Koser, at if you have any questions.


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