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Celebrating black history, past, present, and future

photo credit, Michelle Johnsen Photography

Black history is American history, and local Black history is the history of Lancaster County.

Each and every Black History Month greets us with inspiring stories from across the country. Lancaster County is rich with these stories as well, and they continue to be written every day throughout our extraordinary community.

As an organization and a community, we are continuing to share, learn, and amplify ways and stories to celebrate; a history of courage and resilience against injustice and systemic racism, of joy and family, and of a commitment to building new ways of community care. Learning and celebrating not only an inspiring past and present, but a vision of the future.

As a community, we honor the legacy of community elders like Nelson Polite Sr., and Dr. Rita Smith Wade-El, whose fearless work challenged long-held and oppressive institutions and norms, and helped our community to grow immeasurably. And we look to the future with them, at the Black history being made every day in our community; the next generation of voices, leaders, and normbreakers– the first Black-owned media channel in Lancaster County, the first news publication specifically for and by SouthEast Lancaster City residents, a rapidly expanding Black-led doula initiative in the community, the youngest, most diverse Lancaster City Council in our history, and on and on.

We happily amplify some important local events to join us and learn more through these local events and to share additional events here: 

Black Power Boot Camp

Barney Ewell Statue Public Meeting

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader – Black History Edition

We know that as an organization we have far to go on our journey. Our hope is that we can celebrate Black History Month together, with your voice, because these stories must live on beyond every February of every year; they are our community’s story. We invite you share your favorite piece of local Black history so we can better grow, learn, and amplify our community’s rich history, to build a stronger shared future.

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