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Kedren Crosby

Activating Inclusion

Fearlessness runs in Kedren’s family.

Supporting your community with your heart and your actions was instilled in Kedren by her
parents throughout her life, but the moment that sparked Kedren’s journey was one of personal sacrifice.

As a young girl who identified in the LGBTQ community, Kedren watched two sides of her life collide: her faith and her values. “A local teenager had come out of the closet and our church kicked him off of the Bible Quizzing Team.” Kedren’s parents advocated for the teen, but the church held firm on their decision. As a result, Kedren’s family moved to a different church.

“I will never forget the quiet courage my parents showed, nor will I forget the gratitude that teenager showed my mother for supporting him.”

This courage and commitment to personal values activated Kedren’s drive to become an advocate, an entrepreneur, and a community champion.

That’s how Kedren activates.

How will YOU activate?