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One word: extraordinary


On November 18, Lancaster County reinforced its position as one of the most generous communities per capita in the nation.

The 2016 Extraordinary Give brought together record numbers of organizations, individuals, and businesses from across Lancaster County in a one day celebration of giving, building on the incredible momentum that has been steadily increasing since the first ExtraGive in 2012. This extraordinary effort was only possible thanks to the incredible support from all areas of the community coming together and giving extra!

A Record-Breaking Year

The 2016 Extraordinary Give featured 427 organizations–60 more than the previous year–supporting issues ranging from kids and families,to animals, education, the environment, arts and culture, and more. In addition to organizational participation, support for the ExtraGive generated unprecedented amounts of gifts, coming in as quickly as $5,000 a minute from more than 21,000 individual donors.


Lancaster County also played host to more than 80 ExtraGive events hosted by organizations, businesses, and individuals across the region.

Businesses Giving Extra

The scope of the event went beyond just donations however, the 2016 ExtraGive created an unprecedented opportunity for the business community to support and celebrate the work of the nonprofit sector, and they met the challenge head on! Local businesses from all across the county ran discounts, specials, and contests encouraging people to give a gift to participating organizations. In downtown Lancaster, t-shirt company Foxduck created a limited edition t-shirt, the proceeds of which went to the ExtraGive Stretch Pool (and it’s still available!):


Virtual Reality video company Greenfish Labs created an immersive VR experience to entice donors in the ExtraGive:


And, thanks to Andy Babin of Control Freak we were even able to transform the Griest Building to match the designs of the Lancaster Coloring Book‘s #ExtraGive Coloring Contest!


Thank you to the countless businesses who helped amplify the impact of the Extraordinary Give! We can’t wait to see what you come up with next year!


The Pulse of the ExtraGive

This year, we made it easier than ever to connect to the action and excitement of the Extraordinary Give. Partnering with Industrial Resolution, the Community Foundation developed the ExtraGive Social Stream, visitors could track all posts from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook that used the hashtag #ExtraGive or #IGiveExtra, instantly integrating their personal experiences with the events and experiences happening all across the county. The result was truly astounding: hundreds of images, from Lititz, to Quarryville, to the stage of ExtraGive FEST flooded the screens of events across the county, creating an immersive experience that connected our community. The feed is no longer populating, but you can scroll through the content here.


The Bottom Line

As the community begins to turn its gaze to 2017, we’re still keeping one eye on the past and what it can teach us about the future. Our community has come together for five Extraordinary Give days, and, over these past 4 years, our community has raised $22.5 million in just 120 hours of giving for local organizations and the causes you care about.

There’s a word for that (and we think you know what it is).

The Community Foundation is so thankful to serve Lancaster County: one of the most generous communities in the nation. Thank you to everyone who helped make this Extraordinary Give the biggest, most inclusive, most expansive, ExtraGive of all time…until next year!


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