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New Communications Infusion Grantees!

The Lancaster County Community Foundation is excited to announce its very first 2018 CBO Communications Infusion Program!

This new program aims to increase the presence and accessibility of community benefit organizations through improving the content, reach, and impact of their communications. In addition, this program will help strengthen connections between community benefit organizations, their stakeholders, and the wider community. Specifically, the CBO Communications Infusion Program will support an organization’s storytelling, internet presence (including website and social media), reach to diverse communities, translation of materials, and/or communications software improvements.

Meet the community benefit organizations who will be participating in this program:

Columbia Life Network:

Columbia Life Network

Columbia Life Network aims to improve the community by providing resources to both citizens and organizations in Columbia Borough. The organization seeks to support the community’s needs through a variety of initiatives ranging from programming regarding housing to medical accessibility.

Mission Statement:

Improve the health, education and quality of life of residents of Columbia, Pennsylvania, by promoting initiatives that increase momentum toward community well-being including, but not limited to, change drug and alcohol norms and usage; increase access to health insurance coverage and affordable housing; develop life skills, family and career path education; enhance community engagement; support public-private partnership.”

Ephrata Area Social Services:

Ephrata Area Social Services

Ephrata Area Social Services is an organization that serves the Ephrata and Cocalico Regions of Northern Lancaster County. It provides various resources to its community to support its residents. These programming include food banks, clothing banks, transportation services, emergency financial assistance, and fundraising.

Mission Statement:

“The mission of Ephrata Area Social Services is to channel effective community resources into a network
of support for neighbors in need.”

Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership:

Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership

Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership (LHOP) is a community benefit organization that seeks to provide equal and fair housing opportunities for Lancaster County residents. Through a variety of programs and services, LHOP provides resources to advocate for affordable housing within the community. LHOP works with a variety of stakeholders such as municipal officials, real estate agents, and builders to assist the community.

Mission Statement:

“To cultivate partnerships and resources to increase the availability of quality, fair and affordable housing throughout Lancaster County.”

Lancaster Recreation Commission:

Lancaster Recreation Commission

Lancaster Recreation Commission seeks to provide affordable programming for children in Lancaster County through recreational opportunities. Within a focus in recreation, the organization assists families with a variety of programming and services to strengthen the community. These activities include fitness and wellness classes as well as athletic programs to name a few.

Mission Statement:

“Our mission is to provide quality and affordable recreation and learning opportunities to Lancaster residents.”


Keep checking back for updates on LCCF’s first CBO Communications Infusion Program!

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