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Lancaster Equity Grant


Equity Fund 

By shifting the approach to financial and grant support, the Equity Council continues building upon an equitable pathway to philanthropy and systems change. The Community Foundation is honored to partner with the Equity Council in cultivating opportunities for growth within our local Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Immigrant communities.    

Co-chairs Xavier Garcia-Molina and Kareena Rios and Founding members Christopher Aviles, Julia Cao, LaRock Hudson, and Norma Vazquez created a process that directly informs where and how the dollars from this fund will make the most equitable impact in our community. Meet the Equity Council.

Lancaster Equity Grant

Ever thought about how your personal growth today could shape you into the leader Lancaster needs tomorrow? Or, are you currently ready to breathe life into a creative idea or lead a project in service of your community? We are here, ready to support your journey.  

Grants of up to $5,000 are available to help recipients manage costs—from self-compensation and securing resources to professional development and overcoming logistical challenges. This strategic support is our way of nurturing your project from idea to impact. 

Recognizing our individualities, we’ve designed a flexible application process, including options for written proposals and video conversations, to ensure you can present your idea in the way that feels most authentic to you. 

Grant Application Support from Equity Council

Need help with a grant application? Contact the Equity Council at [email protected] for 1:1 support. Our equity counselors are here to answer your questions and guide you through the process. Don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re committed to ensuring fair and equal access to grant funding.


Seeking Additional Funding? Here’s How to Apply.

Thank you for your continued commitment to making a difference. As you seek to expand your impact through additional funding, we’d like to ensure a smooth application process. Below, find guidance to navigate your next steps.


Enhancing Current Projects 

Deepening Impact: If your goal is to secure funds for the continuation or expansion of your existing project, initiate a conversation with our Equity Councilors. We’re ready to explore how we can amplify your project’s impact together. 


Introducing New Initiatives

New Project Proposals: If you are a previous grant recipient with a brand-new initiative, please fill out the application form designed for new projects. Be aware, your unique deadline for submissions is May 31st. We anticipate announcing funding decisions in the first week of June. 


We are enthusiastic about the possibility of further supporting your efforts. For both ongoing projects and fresh ideas, engaging with the Equity Council is your next step towards securing additional investment.


This application closed on April 26th at 11:59PM.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to apply, you must be an individual who identifies as a Black, Indigenous or Immigrant person of color who resides in Lancaster. Projects must benefit residents of Lancaster County. Applicants will be matched with a community benefit organization (CBO) that will serve as their fiscal agent.

Information Sheet

This information sheet will have the answers to your questions. Read through sample applications, application process, and much more!

Meet the Equity Council

The Equity Council created a process that directly informs where and how the dollars from this fund will make the most equitable impact in our community.

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  • March 12: Application opens
  • April 26: Final applications due at 11:59 pm
  • May 19: Award notification (yes or no) by 5 pm

Grant Timeline & Meeting Schedule

  • Funding Period: June 1st – November 30th
  • Equity Partner Meetings: June 8 , August 14, December 7