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Equity Fund

We recognize that Lancaster County residents who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) have been historically and systemically marginalized in a multitude of ways: higher rates of poverty, inequity in educational systems, higher incarceration rates, prevailing job discrimination, inequitable assess to quality and affordable housing, among many other unfavorable conditions.

As we continue our own internal and organizational learning about this systemic reality, we aim to remove barriers and provide new, unique opportunities to embolden residents to create positive change. In partnership with Lancaster resident Xavier Garcia-Molina, the idea for the  Equity Fund was born.

The Equity Fund will launch with a $100,000 investment from the Community Foundation. These dollars will be granted into the community at the direction of a group of community volunteers. The newly-created Equity Council who will ultimately guide these grant investments is being led by a founding group of volunteers: Co-chairs Xavier Garcia-Molina and Kareena Rios, as well as Chris Aviles, Julia Cao, LaRock Hudson, and Norma Vasquez. Thanks to the commitment of this group, the Equity Council will create a process and direct where and how the dollars from this fund will make the most effective impact in our community. 

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