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Endowments with the Community Foundation

Build a sustainable source of income for your organization forever

When you create an endowment at the Lancaster County Community Foundation, we aren’t just creating a fund – we’re forming a partnership. We’re on your team when it comes to organizational stability and sustainable funding. The Community Foundation currently partners with over 60 community benefit organizations across Lancaster County to administer and support the growth of their endowments.

And we want to partner with your organization as well!

Our very own endowment at the Lancaster County Community Foundation has afforded flexibility during times of crisis. In response to the implications of the COVID-19 outbreak, the foundation kickstarted the Lancaster Cares initiative with an initial grant of $250,000, made possible due to the longevity of our endowment. Years of investment in their own financial security allowed many organizations with endowments to remain a backbone for the community. Although now is a time of uncertainty, we are equipped with the tools and resources to help you and your organization establish a legacy. 

There are no upfront costs of starting an endowment. A small administrative fee is collected from your endowment after it is formed, and we use it for/to:
  • The ease of accepting a range of assets
  • Reduced reporting requirements
  • Deep community connections
  • Oversight of investments
  • Publicity of your endowment through the Foundation’s website and social media
  • Learning opportunities and resources specifically for endowment holders

What are endowments (and why should you have one)?


Endowments are a tool for your organization’s long-term sustainability. They are assets (cash, stocks, real estate, and more) that are donated to your community benefit organization, with the expectation that the principal is not spent and is invested to earn interest. At the Community Foundation organizations can access 4% in funding from their endowment each year.

Endowments provide consistent, long-term funding for your organization. It can be attractive to donors as an indication that your organization is financially stable. Endowments can also be a natural way to talk with donors about legacy gifts.
Other funding can be inconsistent, depending on state and federal budgets or fundraising success.

Generational changes also mean that a significant wealth transfer is happening in Lancaster. $46 billion is transferring within families and across communities over the next few decades, which presents a unique opportunity to talk with donors about giving now and for the future sustainability of your organization and our community.

Ready to get started?

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You have questions, we have answers. Check out our information sheet on endowments to learn more.

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Meet organizations with Community Foundation endowments

The Community Foundation partners with organizations across Lancaster County to secure a lasting future for their work and their mission. See stories from some of our partnering community benefit organizations:

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