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2015 Baldwin Fellows


We recently attended a celebration of service for long-time CompassMark Director, Dave Bender. During the event, Dave made some thoughtful remarks about his time with CompassMark, the impact it has had on his life, and the plans he has for his future.  Dave also specifically mentioned his Baldwin Fellowship. He described the Fellowship as “the most impactful learning experience of his career.”  He went on to articulate how the Fellowship experience had given him the time, space and opportunity he needed to be thoughtful about his career path and life.  Dave’s “next chapter” will be here in Lancaster and his leadership – although not directly tied to CompassMark – will continue to be a benefit to our community at-large.

Dave is one of more than 40 Baldwin Fellows continuing to generate positive impact our local community. The Community Foundation developed the program to honor former Board Chair, Reverend John Baldwin. Although Rev. Baldwin passed away in 2013, his spirit lives on in the form of this program.The goal of the Baldwin Fellowship is to enhance the capacity of Lancaster County community benefit leaders to create change in our community today and tomorrow.

Designed with individuals in mind, the Fellowship challenges participants look deeply at their own personal passions, abilities, and opportunities in order to be able to maximize their personal and professional contributions. Fellows work for a year as part of a facilitated cohort while simultaneously pursuing a personal path of exploration and learning. Each year, five community benefit leaders and emerging leaders are selected to be part of the program.