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A Love Letter to Our Community


Happy Valentine’s Day, Lancaster! 

This year, we wanted to try something a little different for the occasion: we wanted to hear from members of our community about what they love about Lancaster County. We loved seeing and reading what makes you excited and hopeful about our community!

Here are a few of the submissions that we received:


“I love the picture-perfect Lancaster county vistas. I’ve spent many happy moments with family and friends while enjoying scenic drives.”

Deepa Balapur


“Though this picture may appear dreary, it shows me the parts of Lancaster I love the most: the peak of the Central Market tower, a glimpse at the former Hager Brothers department store, and a tree just a stone’s throw from Penn Square. But it’s not these buildings and trees that I love about Lancaster, it’s the notion that we can take care of the people who have lived here their whole lives and those who have newly arrived; and it’s the notion that we can appreciate our past while paving a path for the future; and it’s the notion that we can strike a balance between our urban environment and the nature that surrounds us.”

-David Ramsay Jr.


“What I love about Lancaster is all the giving people.  This group represents volunteers committed to serving Lancaster’s community.”

-Milzy Carrasco


“What I love about Lancaster:

1) How easy it is to share simple family traditions. My earliest memories include my grandma driving with our family

through the countryside and hearing about her love of this community, it’s land and it’s people. We love passing along her legacy with our grandkids at their favorite Lancaster County places.

2). Hanging out with some of the best girlfriends ever…old and new, and sharing the love of this very special place we call home.  There’s no better place for a meet-up with friends than the stands and shops at market”

-Wendy Nagle


“Home to me means safety. I love that I can walk down the streets of Lancaster without fear.”

-Audrey Lopez


“Lancaster my Lancaster!

It’s vibrant, filled with the colors of love with music in the air.

Always so giving, here is an event at Tellus 360 opening its heart to refugees. What an evening!

What can I not like about my Lancaster. It’s like no other!!!”

-Shakeel Amanullah


“I love nature!

Lancaster County provides a wealth of opportunities to enjoy the abundance of nature around us. There are countless images we can reflect on and interact with as we travel throughout the city and countryside.
I love observing the sky with our changing weather… the multi-colored sun, moon, stars, clouds, rain, snow and especially hail.
I love our trees, plants, waterways, native animals, insects, reptiles, birds and fish and how they provide a wonderful backdrop for a full day of adventure and memorable images.

I love how each day brings a new experience.”

– Harriet Slonneger


Thank you to everyone who submitted pictures! On this day of celebrating our love for our family, friends, and significant others, we’re proud that so many members of our County work every day to help make our community an extraordinary place to live, work, and love.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at the Community Foundation!

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