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Welcoming New Americans: Essential for our Future

Welcoming New Americans — immigrants and refugees — is part of our community’s DNA. The story of Lancaster County’s community and culture cannot be told without telling the story of immigrants and refugees. New Americans have been a fundamental part of Lancaster’s community since it’s creation. Data show that welcoming New Americans is an essential part of ensuring that our local economy and community continue to thrive. We believe that one of our greatest community assets is the rich and diverse perspectives that come from a community of welcome.

We have partnered with the Lancaster Chamber and the New American Economy to research the facts and data about the role, contributions, and economic additions that immigrants and refugees have had on our local economy in the past decade and our biggest opportunities for the future.

See the full report Strengthening the Workforce by Welcoming Immigrant Contributions: Facts and Strategies

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Immigrants contribute $1.3 Billion to the GDP of Lancaster County.
  • 8% of Lancaster County population growth from 2009-2014 is attributed to foreign-born residents.
  • Immigrants in Lancaster County possess $550 million in buying power
  • Immigrants in Lancaster County are more likely to have a bachelor or advanced degree than US-born residents.

The Community Foundation is committed to supporting our immigrant and refugee community today, tomorrow, and forever.