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This Lanc Is Your Lanc

This year we were thrilled to host our Annual Gathering at the innovative and inspired Rock Lititz campus. As we were surrounded with the energy inspired by music, we were struck with an idea.

With so many rich, diverse parts of our community, what about some music to weave all of these elements together? We imagined a “musical metaphor” to celebrate the passions we have for Lancaster County and our possibilities for the future.

It was only the spark of an idea. We didn’t know if it would work. It was silly. But we started.

We met with the talented engineers at the SugarTank recording studio and they caught our vision. We recruited local musicians…a guitar, a bass, a percussionist, a keyboard. They arranged the music. They laid down the tracks.

We rallied incredible vocalists. Professional recording experts built the song; instrument, by instrument, voice by voice. We invited some awesome kids. Artists added embellishments. Wholesome but hokey was the only way it was going to work.

We had to go all the way.

The video producer entered the project. We got some footage in the studio. We hit the streets. The vocalists went above and beyond…singing in parks, sashaying through Market, trooping through farm fields.

Locals danced in the streets, the band played in gardens, the video crew went everywhere. Farmers, business owners, and community members were willing to step in front of the camera as if to say…“Yes, I’ll do it! This is my Lancaster!”

Thanks to all of these individuals, with all of their game-ness, we now offer something back to Lancaster. Something that brings together voices, talents, perspectives and passions. Something that links us together through the power of creativity, tenacity, and music.

We hope you’ll share this little piece of love and adoration for this community of ours….and maybe imagine your own scene about why YOU love This Lanc.