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The Lancaster County Hunger Mapping Project Has Been Released

The Central Pennsylvania Food Bank recently released the results of the Lancaster County Hunger Mapping Project. Among many pieces of compelling information, the report found that more than 47,000 individuals in Lancaster County (8.7% of the population) live in food insecure households. Additionally, children are 55% more likely to be food insecure than adults, and Black and Latinx individuals are at higher risk than their white neighbors.

Hunger-Free Lancaster County, a coalition of more than 40 local organizations including the Community Foundation, collaborated with the Food Bank to research and collect data for an expansive report of food insecurity in the county. The goal was to create a road map that will close the gaps that keep Lancaster County households from accessing the nutrition they need and reduce the number of individuals and households challenged with food insecurity.

Our role as a community foundation is to help shape a future where everybody has the opportunity to thrive. We know that having access to adequate food and nutrition is a baseline necessity, and that as cost of living continues to rise and subsidy benefits are reduced, more people will be faced with food insecurity. We are honored that the community’s endowment could be part of funding the Lancaster County Food Mapping Project, so that every Lancastrian can have daily access to healthy food.

Lancaster County Hunger Map

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