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Shaping Tomorrow Well-Being & Vibrancy Awards Announced

The Lancaster County Community Foundation announces the second round of winners of the once-in-a-century Shaping Tomorrow Awards, part of more than $1 million of additional funds to support future-looking community impact.

At a community-led event in Buchanan Park on April 20th, the winners of the Shaping Tomorrow Creative Well-Being & Vibrancy Awards were announced to the public. A total of $273,000 was awarded to six local organizations that impact Lancaster County through providing healthcare, mental wellness, positive aging, accessibility services, and more.

“We know that for our communities to reach their full potential, we need to be physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. Thanks to visionary funders who have contributed to the community’s endowment over time, we are honored to support the work of so many impactful organizations that bring vibrancy and well-being to Lancaster County,” Sam Bressi, President and CEO.

The Lancaster County Community Foundation is celebrating 100 years of community impact by looking ahead to the next 100 years. By investing more than $1 million in additional funds in four future-focused areas, the Community Foundation plans to partner with local community benefit organizations to build a more resilient, vibrant, and inclusive future for everybody in Lancaster County.

The Shaping Tomorrow Award categories include Creative Expression, Well-Being & Vibrancy, Next Generation, and Our Planet. A total of $270,000 will be awarded to multiple organizations in each category. Organizations that serve Lancaster County were encouraged to apply to these once-in-a-century award opportunities, and winners were chosen by a committee of staff, board, and community members. Organizations who will be receiving Shaping Tomorrow Awards will be revealed in events that celebrate each category and are open to the public.


Bright Side Opportunities Center $90,000 In support of “Strong Choices, Bright Futures,” a comprehensive wellness model that directly addresses the needs of Seniors in Lancaster County.
Mental Health America of Lancaster County $75,000 In support of “The Continuum of Care for Lancaster County Youth,” which bridges gaps in services that youth with mental health needs, and their families, encounter.
Union Community Care $45,000 In support of telehealth options, satellite sites, and mobile health strategies, that will reduce barriers to quality healthcare and improve the health of our community.
UDS $25,000 In support of “CAPABLE,” a comprehensive initiative that employs a multidisciplinary approach, combining home modifications, occupational therapy, and support services to address individual needs of older adults.
Clinic For Special Children $25,000 In support of a new building that will increase access and reduce barriers to care, and enhance the Clinic’s long-term sustainability.
Lancaster Downtowners $13,000 In support of the development of a hub-and-spoke network of villages in our county that will support elders’ needs for the next century.