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Purchasing for Good this Holiday Season

A special message from In Good Company, Lancaster’s good business partnership, an initiative convened by the Community Foundation, ASSETS, and the Lancaster Chamber

Every year, nearly $1 trillion is spent on holiday gift-giving. And we know this is no normal year.

In light of the Governor’s recent mandated restrictions on businesses, we invite all companies to be intentional with their holiday spending this year.

Tom Baldrige, President and CEO of the Lancaster Chamber, recently called this moment our “crisis moment,” meaning that in times of disasters, communities mobilize around the issue at hand with focus, urgency, and determination to offer assistance and help. He implored the business community to meet this moment by thinking local this holiday season. We couldn’t agree more!

What if, through intentionally focusing your personal and company’s purchasing, we saw this as “our moment?”

For rebuilding

What if your corporate gifts were purchased from businesses hit the hardest through COVID 19 and the government’s restrictions?

Take a look at the Chamber’s EXPO 2020 B2B Marketplace for ideas:

For justice

What if you specifically targeted purchases from businesses that are owned by People of Color? 

Check out the ASSETS business directory to get some ideas:

For Community

What if you revisited the purchases your company, organization, or household makes to better leverage your purchasing power to buy from locally and diversely owned businesses in our community? 

Get in touch to find out where to start:

The idea of In Good Company was simple from the start – amplify the good Lancaster County companies are doing to make our community stronger.

This holiday season is “our moment” to support the businesses in our community. 

We invite you to use your purchases for good this holiday season. 

We look forward to connecting with you in 2021 and wish you each a happy and safe holiday season.

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