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Our work with Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing is another top theme to emerge from the At the Table conversations. With advocates across our community making the case for the importance of quality, accessible, affordable housing, we know that a secure, stable living situation can make a difference in financial stability and quality of life for individuals and families. With more opportunities ahead, the Community Foundation currently engages with multiple organizations across the county working together towards more Affordable Housing for county residents.

Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership – LHOP is strengthening our community house by house. A Long-term Creative Solutions Matching grantee partner, LHOP works deeply in the field of affordable housing. We are proud to support their work in improving neighborhoods through rehabilitated and affordable rental and for-sale housing and creating impact in Lancaster City and Columbia Borough. According to Director Ray D’Augustino, LHOP’s innovative partnership approach was catalyzed, in part, through their engagement with the Community Foundation and is setting a standard on the national stage for how communities can approach affordable housing solutions.

Lancaster County Coalition to End Homelessness Working with partners across the community, the coalition has initiated efforts that we believe can end homelessness in our county within the next ten years.

Habitat for Humanity Endowment Fund – the Lancaster Area Habitat for Humanity has made a long-term commitment to affordable housing by establishing the Lancaster Area Habitat for Humanity Endowment Fund in partnership with the Community Foundation.

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