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Our work in Community Engagement

Of the many hopes and ideas that emerged from At the Table conversations is the strong sentiment that people want to be involved. People are committed to Community Engagement and how individuals can have a personal stake in how our community moves forward.

One of the core strategies of the Community Foundation is “Engaging Communities.” We believe that our work, and our community, is stronger when we engage the thoughts, ideas, and actions of people across Lancaster County. We will continue to consider creative and inclusive ways to interact with individuals and ideas. In the meantime, learn more about some of our community engagement work here:

The Extraordinary Give  –  Lancaster County’s community celebration of giving has evolved from a 24-hour online giving day to a symbol of the generosity in our community. The Extraordinary Give celebrates the work of our community benefit sector by inviting tens of thousands of individuals to donate online to organizations that serve many needs including health and human services, families and children, arts and education, the environment and animal causes. Beyond the giving, individuals across our community come together on a single day to celebrate and give back to the causes that are most important to them.

The Great Social Enterprise Pitch – In partnership with ASSETS, we are working to engage our community in a new way of thinking about some of our biggest challenges. By educating individuals and organizations with the principles of social enterprise, we are building our community’s capacity to address some root issues in a new and different way.

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