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Lancaster Equity Council Announces $25,000 in Grants to Support the Projects of 5 BIPOC Individuals

The Lancaster Equity Council has recently announced $25,000 in grants to support the projects of five individuals working to impact local Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Immigrant (BIPOC) communities. This is the second grant cycle to be awarded from the Lancaster Equity Fund since its inception in 2021, in partnership with the Lancaster County Community Foundation, with the intent to amplify the voices and visions of BIPOC individuals in Lancaster County. 

The Equity Fund has a unique, accessible application process and offers an opportunity for individuals to explore innovative ideas that serve their community while fostering personal leadership growth, prioritizing self-care, and supporting sustainable practices. Equity Council co-chairs Xavier Garcia-Molina and Kareena Rios, as well as founding members Julia Cao, LaRock Hudson, and Norma Vazquez, designed this process and directly informed how the dollars from this fund will make the most equitable impact on our community. Anyone can support the work of the Equity Council by making a donation

“As a BIPOC individual, I am deeply moved by the significance of amplifying our voices and supporting our leaders. It goes beyond justice; it is a validation of the incredible wisdom, creativity and resilience that thrives within our communities.

Through this year’s transformative projects, communities are empowered, food insecurity is addressed, underrepresented youth are inspired, artistic careers are advanced, and diverse storytelling promotes healing. These initiatives pave the way for an inclusive society where systemic barriers crumble and opportunities for growth and success flourish, bringing us closer to a future of equity and shared prosperity.”

– Xavier Garcia-Molina



We are honored to share the five newest Equity Partners and their projects that will be part of shaping a more just and inclusive Lancaster County.


Amer Al Fayadh Central PA Immigrants Inclusion Council (CPIIC) The Central PA Immigrants Inclusion Council (CPIIC) aims to unite ethnic communities by leveraging their collective power and knowledge. The project focuses on promoting culture, language, entrepreneurial skills, education, and civic engagement. Initial objectives include leadership training, community mapping, and increasing visibility through the use of funds to establish a solid structure. 
Hawa Lassanah Pay-What-You-Can-Market: Power To The People “Power To The People” aims to establish a mobile food facility in collaboration with various organizations, addressing the challenges faced in providing nutritious meals and locally grown produce to the Lancaster community. The project aims to utilize a used trailer outfitted with a refrigeration system, sustainable solar power, and safe food handling compliance measures. 
National Society of Black Engineers of Millersville University Career Walk In The Park The “Career Walk in the Park” project aims to engage the younger generation in marginalized communities by providing hands-on experiences with various equipment used in fields such as engineering, firefighting, and construction. The goal is to foster awareness and motivation among underrepresented youth to explore engineering-related fields. The project targets 3rd to 5th graders while welcoming attendees of all ages under parental supervision. 
Tina Ortiz A.K.A Thunda Khatt The Evolution of Thunda Thunda Khatt’s project revolves around the professional development of their artistry. The project includes website reinstatement, attending conferences, upgrading equipment, commissioning an electronic press kit, and addressing personal needs. The aim is to advance their career and achieve artistic success. 
Felix Arroyo The Journey Man Chronicles Podcast “The Journeyman Chronicles” podcast is a powerful platform that prioritizes the voices and experiences of everyday individuals, particularly from BIPOC communities in Lancaster and throughout Central PA. By focusing on diverse stories of struggle, triumph, and growth, it seeks to foster empathy, understanding, and unity within the community, illuminating the shared humanity beneath our individual journeys. Recognizing the importance of safe spaces for vulnerability and dialogue, especially in marginalized communities, JMC encourages meaningful conversations that can drive communal healing and progress.