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How your business can get “EXTRA” with the ExtraGive

Introducing a new way to engage employees and drive excitement

What if there was a way to harness the power of the Extraordinary Give platform to drive internal staff challenges, hold business matches, and unite your brand with the community-wide spirit of the ExtraGive?

Using the new Business Fundraisers page on, your business can help generate excitement with employees while also increasing the visibility of your generosity across the county! With Business Fundraisers, local businesses can encourage their teams to give to the causes they are about while also boosting the profile of your business’ commitment to Lancaster County. 

How it works:

Make your page:

Interested businesses can set up Business Fundraiser profile pages. These pages will be listed on in the “Business Fundraisers” tab. Check out a sample profile here

Tell your story:

On your profile page, businesses can upload photos, set a goal for the day (number of dollars raised or number of employees donated), and tell their story about why you want to support causes in the Extraordinary Give! 

Give EXTRA, get EXTRA: 

Encourage your staff and employees to give to whatever causes they care about on November 22! As employees give, your progress bar will move closer to your goal. Meanwhile, anyone who visits will be able to see the generous work you’re doing to make Lancaster County extraordinary! 


Ready to get started?

Other ways to get EXTRA

Being a Business Fundraiser is only the beginning! Check out these other ways you can help grow the ExtraGive and your business at the same time:

Woman smiles with Extra Give sign

Spread the word!

Hang posters, post selfies, and bring the excitement of the ExtraGive to your business! Thanks to our partnership with The H&H Group, you can order discounted customized ExtraGive signage, banners, frames, and more to help you unite your brand with Lancaster’s largest day of giving.

Man smiles and holds Extra Give sign

Specials or events!

There are lots of ways to get your business directly involved with the ExtraGive! Consider holding an event in your space either with your staff or in partnership with one of the participating organizations. If you’re a retail business, you can run a special for a discount with proof of donation!

Max's Eatery Extra Give photo

Match an organization!

Have a favorite cause or organization? Consider providing a match that will spur excitement for donors as well as introduce them to your business and its generous spirit! Matching businesses will have prominent placement on a participating organization’s page, as well as space for your logo and a place for you to tell your story.