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How We Invest Your Gifts

Sustainability, integrity, and responsibility are our cornerstones.

The Lancaster County Community Foundation has been responsibly stewarding the community’s endowment and resources for nearly 100 years. Our approach to investment includes long-term, diverse, sustainable fund growth so that resources are available each year, and every year, that care for our community. We have robust investment partners who assist in growing your fund’s investment, to allow the purchasing power of your fund to grow over time above inflation while still making grants in our community.

Our Board of Directors, CEO Sam Bressi, CFO Wayne Groff, Controller Nathan Hoover, and Investment Committee work with our partners at PNC Institutional Asset Management to grow your funds and the community’s endowment. 

The Community Foundation offers four different avenues for investing your gifts

Contact our Director of Forever Lancaster Ashlinn Masland-Sarani to begin exploring investment options.

Corporate Pool

The broadest and most diverse investment pool, invested across sectors and types for long-term, sustainable growth. The Corporate Pool aims for a 7%-8% annualized return, with allocation to domestic and international equities, fixed income, private equity, real estate, and hedging strategies.

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Pool

This investment pool, sometimes also known as socially responsible investments, screens positively for businesses that have environmental, social, and governance values and goals while also maintaining reliable growth. The ESG pool aims for a 7%-8% annualized return, with allocations to socially responsible investments in domestic and international equities as well as fixed income.

Donor Recommended Advisors

For funds over $500,000, donors can choose to work with their investment advisor on managing the investment of your fund, under the guidance of our IPS (Investment Policy Statement) and Investment Committee. 

Mission-Driven Investment

Mission-driven investment aims to create specific social impact while also generating a return on the investment. You might choose to use your fund to support a special project, earning a lower financial return, while accomplishing a social return in the process. An example would be investing a portion or entirety of your fund in a local, affordable housing project loan that pays a 4% financial return, lower than our other investment options – and, your investment would help meet a critical need of housing in the community – the social return.

*Past performance may or may not indicate future results. Investment results are not guaranteed. 

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