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Lucy Grace Fund

The Lucy Grace fund is focused on having an impact on the lives of under-resourced children in need of educational support to build the life skills that will put them on a path to success.

“During my life, I was fortunate to have had donors and mentors who provided me with opportunities that allowed me to change my circumstances; my hope is that I can do the same for others.”

Lucille is the youngest of four children, raised by a young, widowed mother, in the projects of Philadelphia. She was given the chance to go to summer camp only by the contributions made by generous donors who wanted to provide young children, in the projects, an opportunity to experience a different environment, if only for a few weeks each year.

Lucille graduated from high school an average student. She was fired from her first job within a year; but her boss told her, “Lucille you are a hard-worker. Don’t worry. You will land on your feet.” As she searched for her next job with a “light resume” in hand, limited experience and no college education, interviewing was a challenge. By the fourth interview, she mentioned what her last boss said when he fired her. Fortunately she got the job, which turned out to be in the industry where she spent the next 45 years of her career.

Within two years, the president of the company promoted Lucille to a management position and then offered to help her pay for college classes, saying a degree was a requirement for the job. She went on to receive other opportunities, which allowed her to continue to grow and succeed. The professional and personal mentors in her life made a significant difference to a little girl from the projects.

“You see, the truth is I didn’t pull myself up by my bootstraps. I was lifted by these special individuals who encouraged and believed in me and in return, I did work hard.” 

Lucille started the Lucy Grace Fund, named after her mother, with the goal of having an impact on children who may not otherwise have opportunities for a strong educational base that can supply the skills, encouragement, and motivation to position them for success. Her hope is to make a difference in someone else’s life, like donors and mentors did for her.