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Kate Zimmerman and Joshua Druce

"We want to honor what brought us together: one of our true loves - this amazing community."

We met across the table at a nonprofit gala and, long before there was an “us”, knew that joining forces and working together to support our community would be more impactful than if we each went it alone.

It may seem like the most unlikely of places, but love blossomed and grew as we volunteered for the organizations close to our hearts, as we served on various committees and coalitions, as we moved from sitting across from each other at a banquet table to sitting across from one another at the boardroom table.

Now as we prepare to stand across from one another at the altar, beginning this next stage in life as a married couple, we want to honor what brought us together: one of our true loves – this amazing community.

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Whether it’s a honoring the legacy of a beloved father, or a commitment to improving our County’s environment today and tomorrow, those who have joined the Forever Lancaster movement share one thing in common: they all have a passion, an influence, or a reason why they’ve decided to invest in their community’s future.