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Water Street Community Impact Fund


About the Organization

Today, in Lancaster, more men, women, and children than ever are at-risk of experiencing poverty and periodic homelessness. The trigger events for housing loss could be unemployment, addictions, recent or past trauma, abuse, or physical or mental illness … many times resulting from unmet emotional needs.

Conventional methods of dealing with homelessness focus on trigger events or presenting symptoms and therefore, are less effective at ending the cycle of homelessness for individuals and families.

With a spirit of love, dignity, and grace, we provide an environment of hope and healing to awaken individuals to their true identity in Christ. Only then can they address the root causes that let to their homelessness and invite God to bring complete restoration. The cycle of poverty is not just ended, but often reversed as these formerly broken lives invest themselves in becoming restorers for others.

The “I Am Water Street” Community Impact Fund empowers Water Street Mission to make operational and strategic investments to deepen its impact on the Lancaster County community.

Water Street Mission • (717)358-2056
210 S. Prince St. • Lancaster, PA 17603