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Tenfold: Beth Shalom “House of Peace”


About the Organization


Beth Shalom House of Peace, the V. Ronald & Diane L. Smith “Home for a New Start” Fund provides transitional housing and supportive services for women leaving prison and allows them to reunite with their children. The program teaches positive parenting, life skills, and financial responsibility through schooling & employment, equipping participants with the knowledge and skills they need to achieve responsible lives. Christian faith is at the core of Beth Shalom’s guiding principles and objectives. This program is about ending recidivism, providing education of Christian principles, and reuniting women in the program with their children. Tabor Community Services provides programmatic & administrative support. Beth Shalom’s facility has five apartments. Residents pay 30% of their income.


Why is endowment important to your mission?

“Beth Shalom ministry depends each year on the generosity of Tabor’s many supporters. Tabor couldn’t serve women coming out of prison along with their children as they do without it. But having an endowment fund is of enormous additional help in ensuring Tabor’s work with them continues in the years to come. A fund that produces additional financial support every year provides an even stronger financial foundation for Beth Shalom’s ministry and makes it possible for Tabor to plan for its future even more effectively.”


Beth Shalom House of Peace

308 E. King Street

Lancaster, PA 17602

Phone: 717.397.5182

Email: [email protected]