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Civitas Lancaster Endowment Fund


About the Organization

Locally, Civitas Lancaster is a club of about 100 members who strive to improve the community in which we live.  We raise funds to help support and maintain Long’s Park, donate funds to Kids Kamp program for at-risk youth, and hold luncheons for our newly naturalized citizens. Hearing health is the focus of the international organization and our hearing health committee holds screenings throughout the year to alert our citizens to their hearing issues.  It’s an organization of good people, doing good things and having fun in the process.

Why is endowment important to your mission?

Having endowment funds provides peace of mind that an income stream will be available to support the causes we feel are important to this community.   It also allows people an opportunity to donate in a way that will provide permanent benefits to the community.  Whether one-time donations or planned giving, their money will provide benefits for years to come.

Civitas Lancaster

Email: [email protected]