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Pennsylvania Farm Link Endowment Fund


About the Organization


Pennsylvania Farm Link, a 501c3 non-profit, is dedicated to the mission of creating farming opportunities for the next generation; with the goal of ensuring farmlands stay in farming. This is accomplished through an online database of landowners and entering farmers, technical information links and documents as well as educational events for beginning farmers and succession/transition programs for farmers/landowners seeking to transition their farm to the next generation of farmers.

It is a daunting task. However, Pennsylvania Farm Link’s goal is to serve Pennsylvania agriculture and ensure the 4.2 million acres of Pennsylvania lands remain in agriculture production for many years.


Why is endowment important to your mission?

Leading Pennsylvania’s economy with $5.7 billion dollar in sales each year, Pennsylvania’s future depends on agriculture. 7.7 million acres are devoted to agriculture use and of those 4.2 million acres (54%) are owned by farmers age 55 and over, according to 2007 NASS agriculture statistics. If agriculture is to remain Pennsylvania’s largest industry it’s imperative for these acres to transition to the next generation of farmers.

Farm Link’s work benefits much more than the farmers across Pennsylvania- it has a positive impact on all rural communities and their local economy’s. A strong endowment is the foundation of Farm Link‘s continued positive impact throughout Pennsylvania. The endowment will allow the valuable work of Pennsylvania Farm Link to continue indefinitely.


PA Farm Link

2301 N. Cameron Street

Harrisburg, PA 17110

Phone: 717.705.2121

Email: [email protected]

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