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Milagro House


About the Organization

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Milagro House provides education, housing, and support to women and their children experiencing homelessness.  In addition to housing, our primary focus is education which is what sets our program apart.  We offer our residents who need their GED an onsite GED school taught by a certified teacher and for women pursuing a post secondary education, we work with them in deciding their career path and pursuing their college degree. Additionally, we provide  an organized environment with limitations and rules that promote responsibility as well as independence, and intensive individualized case management to help them navigate the complex world they must learn to live in on their own


Why is endowment important to your mission?

Milagro House firmly believes that the solution to breaking the cycles of poverty and dependence is to provide people with the skills needed to achieve independence – and the key ingredient to independence in an education.  With that in mind, Milagro House provides women with an on-site GED school for women who do not have their high school diploma and for women who are looking to start their post secondary education, we provide career counseling and assist them in applying and beginning their college education.  We meet them where they are, establish what their educational goals are, and assist them in achieving their goals and, ultimately, their independence. An endowment is continuously important in accomplishing each of these goals and supporting women throughout their educational and vocational journey. 


Milagro House

669 West Chestnut Street

Lancaster, PA 17603

Phone: 717.509.1401

Email: [email protected]