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Girls on the Run Endowment Fund


About the Organization

At GOTR of Lancaster and Lebanon we envision a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams. We inspire girls to recognize their inner strength and celebrate what makes them one of a kind. Trained coaches lead small teams through our research-based curricula which includes dynamic discussions, activities and running games. Over the course of the ten-week program, girls in 3rd-8th grade develop essential skills to help them navigate their worlds and establish a lifetime appreciation of health and fitness. The program culminates with the girls positively impacting our community through a service project and being physically and emotionally prepared to complete a celebratory 5K event.

Why it matters…

Girls face social pressures and conflicting messages about how they should act and who they should be. Studies show that by adolescence, girls’ confidence drops about twice as much as boys’. Friendships become more complicated and challenging, girls’ perception of their academic ability declines, the likelihood of anxiety and depression increases and participation in physical activity plummets.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We believe that EVERY GIRL is inherently FULL OF POWER and POTENTIAL. By knowing they are the leaders of their lives, these are the girls who WILL CHANGE THE WORLD.

GOTR is the only national, physical activity-based positive youth development program for girls with compelling evidence of program impact. A recent independent study showed that the program is highly effective at driving transformative and lasting change in the lives of third to fifth grade girls. 97% of participants learned critical life skills; Resolving conflict, helping others, managing conflict and intentional decision-making. We know we are changing lives in every girl who participates.

This endowment was created by her daughter and son-in-law to honor Ellen McCabe. Ellen played an influential role in the success of Girls on the Run and our growth from inception in 2009. Her belief in the good of every person and investment in our girls for the future has inspired all of us. We are honored to have partnered with Ellen and we are privileged to lift her up as we do the same for our girls, our future leaders.


Why is endowment important to your mission?

Over 51% of our participants in Lancaster and Lebanon require financial assistance each season and we are happy that we are reaching all girls. The future of Girls on the Run is bright with kind donors investing in our girls’ futures. The funding for the GOTR Endowment fund helps ensure the sustainability of the GOTR mission that has changed over 11,000 lives in our community. By investing in this fund, you are changing the future of our community and world, one girl at a time. Much like our longitudinal study found that the skills and tools the girls learn during the 10 week program last into their futures, we invite you to look ahead at our futures, led by the youth of today.


Girls on the Run of Lancaster

1062 Manheim Pike

Lancaster, PA  17601

Phone: 717.869.5655