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Christ’s Home Children’s Services Fund


About The Organization

Christ's Home LogoChrist’s Home is a community of 9 foster care homes with built-in administration support across two campuses in Lancaster and Bucks Counties. We also mentor teenagers who are preparing to live independently. These youth learn home and money management, self-care, and how to access community services. They are required to continue their education while maintaining a part-time job. Teen mothers are mentored in these same skills while also learning about child development, baby care, and appropriate parenting techniques. This endowment fund supports the Paradise campus in Lancaster County.

Why is endowment important to your mission?

Christ’s Home believes it shouldn’t hurt to be a child. Our goal is to restore the joy of childhood for abused and neglected children. The Endowment funds will enable Christs’s Home to continue to do the vital work of caring for these hurting children. They will be able to experience love, safety, and peace because of the generosity of those who choose to give to the endowment fund.

Christ’s Home

3182 Lincoln Hwy

East, Paradise, PA  17562