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Chip & Rebecca Cargas Fund


Helping people work from poverty to rewarding careers

*Learn more about why Chip & Rebecca decided to invest in Lancaster.

This fund works with and provides grants to nonprofits that help local people work from poverty to rewarding careers. This is typically accomplished through education and support to develop the attitudes, skills, and resources necessary for an in-demand and rewarding career as an employee and/or business owner. Support can include providing inspiration and helping to overcome obstacles at any age and anywhere along the path from poverty to rewarding careers.*

The thinking that inspired this focus: It’s a great way to make our community more vibrant for everyone. Rewarding careers include the pride of doing valuable work and sharing in the success that is being created. Rewarding careers can support a family. People who successfully work from poverty to rewarding careers are an inspiration to others.

*Donations to this fund will help people work from poverty to rewarding careers. Chip & Rebecca Cargas are the founding donors and advisors for recommending grants from this fund. The successor advisor is the Lancaster County Community Foundation. A gift to this fund does not entitle the donor to any influence on how or where the dollars are invested.

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