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LEAP Session: Building Beloved Community

Join us for the first of our 2019 LEAP Sessions: free professional development opportunties for CBOs, individuals, and leaders in our community!

Building a Beloved Community Through Equity and Inclusive Organizations

Organizations and businesses are waking up to the reality that diversity and inclusion is an asset and it requires work. We get the culture we create in the workplace and in our communities. It is all about intentionality to build a truly equitable, welcoming and inclusive business, institution and organization that goes beyond diversity. We will better understand how we can truly build resilient, equitable and just organizations and businesses that create real and lasting impact and change in our communities and society. We will develop specific ways to champion diversity, equity and inclusion within your organization or business on interpersonal and systemic levels. This interactive workshop will center Beloved Community and will offer real guidelines to assist in building a framework that truly shifts power structures, so that our institutions and organizations can truly thrive and mirror the culturally vibrant world we live in.



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