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CBO-Business Partnership Info Session

Join us to learn how you can partner with the Lancaster County Community Foundation through the 2020 CBO – Business Partnership Program!

The Community Foundation’s CBO-Business Partnership Program supports substantial and strategic collaboration between community benefit organizations (CBOs) and businesses that will achieve positive social and environmental impact on Lancaster County’s residents and communities.

Grants will support CBOs in advancing partnerships with local businesses, in order to deliver outcomes that neither the CBOs nor the businesses could achieve independently.

This program is one of our grant opportunities that follows a cohort model: the cohort experience is designed to gain a shared language and concepts. Get ready to spark insight and innovation.

CBOs will engage in a 8-month workshop series, along with their business partners where they can gain valuable knowledge and experience through a series of collective discussion and visiting speakers.

Come and learn more about how this program might be right for your organization!

Bring your questions, insights, and ideas; here’s to an extraordinary 2020!


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