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2022 ExtraGive Applications are Open!

The ExtraGive is a community celebration of giving inspiring tens of thousands of individual donations and shining a light on the work of our community benefit sector. This is a unique day to shine a spotlight on organizations that support causes from children and families, to health and education, the natural environment and farmland preservation, to arts, culture, religion, heritage and history.

Be part of it! On November 18, you can join thousands of people across the community to support more than 400 local organizations in our region. New this year, our STRETCH POOL of more than a half MILLION dollars will be distributed based on an organizations’ number of unique donors. Whether you make a $10 donation or a $100 donation, your gift will go further for the causes you care about! We are proud to join Rodgers & Associates,  High Foundation, and our other community sponsors to help your contribution make an even bigger impact for our community. 

Since the first ExtraGive in 2012, our community has raised more than $82 million and inspired more than 100,000 donors to support  regional organizations. Donations per capita in Lancaster County are the most generous in the nation for a one day giving event, thanks to the dedication of the participating organizations, members of our community, and sponsors who help stretch donations. The Community Foundation continues to be the ExtraGive’s largest contributor and is proud to say that we have never taken a single penny from this event.

Applications for organizations to participate are open now. Learn more about how and be sure your favorite organization applies at  Organizations must meet these criteria to participate in the event:

  1. Be registered as a 501c3 with the Bureau of Charitable Organizations
  2. Serve residents of Lancaster County
  3. Provide an audit or independent financial review
  4. Provide a nondiscrimination policy as is consistent with their legal requirements.

What’s NEW for ExtraGive 2022?

Inviting new donors to be part of giving back to our community has always been a key goal of ExtraGive. As we move into our 11th ExtraGive, three changes will highlight the focus on donors, donors, donors!

  1.  Donor Leaderboard. 

On November 18, when you visit, the first visible Leaderboard will be the “Donor Leaderboard” with the number of unique donors to each organization. Individuals will be able to easily click to see the “Amount Raised” dollar leaderboard.

    2.   Stretch Pool Focus.

New for 2022, the Stretch Pool will be distributed based on the number of unique donors to each organization. If an organization’s unique donor count is 1% of all unique donors across the organizations participating in the ExtraGive, that organization will receive 1% of the stretch pool.

    3. Transparency for donors – access to Nondiscrimination Policies.

This year, all participating organizations, regardless of size, will upload a nondiscrimination policy as is consistent with their legal requirements to their web page.  Donors will have the freedom to choose to view the policy and learn more. We are here to help. We have training and resources for organizations who want to create a policy that fits their organization.

Why we believe this is important:

  • One of the goals of ExtraGive is to strengthen our community by connecting donors with useful, relevant information about the causes and organizations they support. 
  • Donors can continue to visit organizational websites and will have the freedom to review nondiscrimination documents if they are interested. The Community Foundation does not require specific verbiage and is not conducting an analysis of organizational approaches or policies.
  • The ExtraGive has been a tool to encourage best practices for our community benefit sector from the start:
    • Online Fundraising Capacity. As an online event launched in 2012, ExtraGive encourages organizations to build and strengthen their capacity for online donations and help donors get more familiar and comfortable with a new way of giving.
    • Audit or Independent Financial Review. While not legally required for some local community benefit organizations due to size or status, the ExtraGive requires a current audit or independent financial review to demonstrate sound financial practices to donors and the community. Over time, many organizations have chosen to stretch to reach this goal so they could participate in ExtraGive.
    • Nondiscrimination Policy. The new requirement of a nondiscrimination policy is an additional best practice demonstrating the organization’s commitment to not allow discrimination based on any characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law or regulation as it applies to their organization. Similar to our audit requirement, participation in ExtraGive requires all organizations, regardless of size, to provide a policy. Having access to information helps provide transparency for donors and creates an opportunity for dialogue.
  • As your Community Foundation, and a nonprofit organization ourselves, we continue to challenge ourselves to learn, evolve, and strengthen our own policies and practices as we work to reflect our organizational values. For some, these actions will feel like too much, for others too little. Our role is to bring people together to make a difference, and we hope this may inspire other organizations to consider a similar approach.

While November may still be months away, the ExtraGive season is starting!  Mark your calendars, invite your friends, and get ready to give EXTRA on November 18!