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Support These 2023 Unfunded Grants!

While we receive many incredible grant proposals each year, we can’t fund them all. As your philanthropic partner, we’re delighted to share how you can shape the community through these opportunities. Click on the drop down menus below to learn more about these unfunded grants.

If you’d like to give towards any of these opportunities, you can:

Community Bridge Building

Lancaster County is filled with creativity, compassion and caring, but we know not every resident feels a sense of belonging here, whether it is based on skin color, sexual orientation or identity, disability, religious belief, or other factors. We challenge CBO leaders to identify new programs to advance appreciation for–and welcoming of–varying perspectives. Here are the unfunded grant applications in the Community Bridge Building program.

Community Bridge Building (Click to Expand)

Education Law Center

Advancing Equal Access to a Quality Education for all Children in Lancaster County


The Education Law Center seeks funding to aid families in Lancaster County contending with educational barriers. The Center’s advocacy, through its Helpline and community engagement, will focus on addressing the exclusion of students with disabilities, race-based discrimination, and bullying. Funds will support ongoing efforts to counteract policies that harm LGBTQ youth, and to foster inclusive, culturally affirming school environments.


Advoz Mediation and Restorative Practices

People & Places: Building empathy, cooperation, and common ground in addressing homelessness in Lancaster City.


Advoz Mediation and Restorative Practices proposes a listening summit in collaboration with Millersville University. This initiative is a response to a study on the vulnerabilities of unsheltered homelessness in Binns Park, aiming to foster dialogue among stakeholders to address homelessness and public space use.


Tenfold (formerly Tabor/LHOP)

Coalition for Sustainable Housing-Affordable Housing Awareness Campaign Series


Tenfold plans to launch an awareness campaign to enhance the understanding of affordable housing crises and foster dialogue across various audiences. The campaign will involve education, sharing forums, and a communications plan to engage the community and find tangible housing solutions.


Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen

Cultural Crafts of Lancaster County


The Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen’s project focuses on celebrating Lancaster County’s ethnic diversity by educating about cultural crafts. Through capturing and preserving traditional crafts like Fraktur or Pysanky painting, they aim to maintain these arts for future generations.


Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Farmers to the Bay: Connecting Lancaster Farmers and Bay Watermen on the Water


The Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s project promotes conservation practices among Lancaster farmers. By showcasing the impact of these practices on local waterways and the Bay’s health, the initiative bridges the understanding between farmers and watermen.


The Moravian Center of Lancaster

Ramadan and Lenten Interfaith Partnership


The Moravian Center of Lancaster aims to expand its interfaith activities by inviting the community to join in during the overlapping seasons of Ramadan and Lent in 2024. The events will focus on shared values and community service.


Planned Parenthood Keystone

Continuing the Conversation: Destigmatizing Abortion in Lancaster’s Faith-Based & LGBTQ+ Communities


Planned Parenthood Keystone’s project is dedicated to fostering dialogue on abortion within faith and LGBTQ+ communities. The funding will support educational events, a support group, and ensure safety and security for these initiatives.


City of Lancaster

Neighborhood Art Project


The City of Lancaster’s Neighborhood Art Project aims to integrate community and civic engagement into the creative practices of local artists of color. The program provides professional development and will generate new art-based jobs.


The Common Wheel

Envisioning Safe Streets for All


The Common Wheel seeks to unite various road users to discuss safety and promote initiatives like Vision Zero. The project involves collaboration with local nonprofits and aims to facilitate meaningful discussions on road safety.


Excentia (d.b.a. S. June Smith Center)

Providing Community Participation Opportunities for Those with Intellectual Disabilities


Excentia’s project will support individuals with intellectual disabilities to participate more fully in the community. This includes providing supported employment services and other supports to enhance their social inclusion.’


Lancaster City Housing Authority

Bridging the Gap Between Generations


The Lancaster City Housing Authority’s project focuses on connecting aging residents with local youth through friendly visiting programs and intergenerational activities, fostering mutual learning and understanding.


PRiMA Arts Inc

Building WIDER Bridges in the Performing Arts


PRiMA Arts Inc’s initiative aims to strengthen collaboration among Lancaster’s arts organizations, fostering unity in the arts scene and amplifying marginalized voices through the performing arts.


American Heart Association

Accessible Health for ALL: Providing awareness, education, & resources to address health disparities


The American Heart Association is committed to reducing health disparities by providing education and resources, particularly to at-risk community members, to improve overall cardiovascular health.

Cultivating Beloved Community

Empowering Community Benefit Organizations (CBOs) to drive systemic change through activism rooted in self-compassion and collective liberation. Learn more about the unfunded grant applications for the Cultivating Beloved Community Program.

Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. This is the interrelated structure of reality. Our goal is to create a beloved community, and this will require a qualitative change in our souls as well as a quantitative change in our lives.” –Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Cultivating Beloved Community (Click to Expand)

Central Market Trust

Food Equity at Lancaster Central Market


Lancaster Central Market, nearing its 300th anniversary, aims to reevaluate its space through an anti-racist perspective. The goal is to understand past influences of racism on market development and participate in creating an equitable food system.


Community Action Partnership of Lancaster County

Generations at Crispus Attucks Community Center


The Community Action Partnership plans to establish a generational collective at the Crispus Attucks Community Center to foster sharing of experiences and active civic engagement among BIPOC community members.


Epilepsy Foundation Eastern Pennsylvania (EFEPA)

Equity in Epilepsy Care


EFEPA is deepening its commitment to Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) by hiring a new Multicultural Resource Coordinator and forming a DEI Committee to address health disparities in epilepsy care.


PRiMA Arts Inc

Advancing Equity & Inclusion in Lancaster’s Creative Landscape


PRiMA Arts Inc continues its dedication to reflecting Lancaster’s diversity through inclusive programming. The organization is enhancing its engagement with marginalized voices and evolving its board to create a more equitable creative environment.

Early Childhood Development

These grants are designed to support programs that increase early childhood development for children from birth to age five. Learn more about the unfunded applications. 

Early Childhood Development (Click to Expand)

Parish Resource Center

PRC’s Maternal Health Initiative


PRC is expanding its Maternal Health Initiative to address food insecurity among low-income pregnant and parenting women, in partnership with Penn Medicine and Union CC. The program matches volunteers with women to assist in accessing free healthcare and improving medical outcomes, with sensitivity to cultural and dietary needs.


Community Action Partnership of Lancaster County

Nutritious Meals for Thrive to Five


The organization continues to offer daily nutritious meals for children in the Thrive to Five program, supporting early education for income-eligible families, with a significant number living below the poverty level.


Lancaster Day Care Center

Building Conscious Connections to Support Early Learners


Lancaster Day Care Center advocates for the implementation of Conscious Discipline to provide a safe, nurturing environment and equip children with crucial social-emotional and communication skills for their early development.


Lancaster General Health Foundation

Healthy Beginnings Plus – Cribs For Kids Fund


The Foundation is committed to reducing sudden unexpected infant deaths by providing families with cribs and education on safe sleep practices, particularly focusing on low-income families and racial and ethnic disparities.


YWCA Lancaster

Supplies for YWonderful Kids


YWCA Lancaster requests funds for essential childcare supplies to support infants to five-year-olds enrolled in their program, particularly those from families without adequate resources.


New Holland Early Learning Center

Aided Learning Initiative


The Center serves a diverse population and is seeking updated educational materials and equipment to help children reach their developmental milestones, including STEM tools and creative play resources.


Lancaster County Reach Out and Read Coalition

One Book One Community with Reach out and Read Lancaster County


The Coalition’s literacy program aims to prepare young children for success by integrating books into pediatric care and promoting family reading, continuing the “Read Baby Everyday” initiative.


CHI St. Joseph Children’s Health

Educational Festivals at the St. John Neumann School


St. John Neumann School offers a health-focused curriculum enhanced by educational festivals that celebrate community attributes and encourage children’s connection with nature and community.


Schreiber Center for Pediatric Development

Circle of Friends Academy Staff Recruitment and Retention


The Schreiber Center is seeking support for Circle of Friends Academy to transition to the Creative Curriculum for Preschool, fostering an inclusive learning environment for children with diverse abilities.

Eastern Lancaster County

These grants are designed to support programs working with residents in Eastern Lancaster County, exclusively in the geographic regions of Conestoga Valley School District, Eastern Lancaster County School District, and Pequea Valley School District. Learn more about the unfunded applications. 

Eastern Lancaster County (Click to Expand)

Greystone Manor Therapeutic Riding Center

Equine-Assisted Mental Health Intervention for Frontline Workers and First Responders


GMTRC aims to launch a no-cost group intervention for local medical and emergency personnel with mental health concerns from COVID-19 experiences. The program offers 720 hours of group equine-assisted mental health intervention, delivered in ninety-minute weekly sessions to groups of ten, led by certified professionals and evaluated by psychology experts at Millersville University.


Junior Achievement of South Central PA

2023-24 Junior Achievement Programs – Inspiring Tomorrows for Students in Eastern Lancaster County


JA seeks support for the JA BizTown program for 5th grade students in Conestoga Valley & Elanco School Districts. The program educates on careers, personal finance, business management, civics, and government, culminating in a simulation day in BizTown, where students perform adult roles, manage finances, and engage in community contributions.


Peyton Walker Foundation

Healthy Heart Curriculum


The Foundation addresses the critical need for timely bystander intervention in Sudden Cardiac Arrest scenarios. Their curriculum, compliant with Pennsylvania’s Act 7, offers a 4-step instruction on CPR and AED use for public high school students in Lancaster County, preparing them to respond effectively in emergencies.


The Children Deserve a Chance Foundation

Attollo Recruit (Conestoga Valley High School)


Attollo Recruit is a six-week, early-morning program for high school juniors in Lancaster County, offering a comprehensive curriculum with self-reflection, leadership challenges, and college readiness lessons, aiming to empower a diverse cohort of young leaders annually.


The Peacemaker Center

The Peacemaker Center – New Holland Children’s Play Therapy


Founded in 2000, The Peacemaker Center, which serves a diverse clientele regardless of financial ability, is seeking support for their Children’s Play Therapy in New Holland, aiming to provide a safe space for children aged 2-18 to enhance their mental health.


Servant Stage Company

Youth Theatre Arts Education Programming


This grant will expand Servant Stage’s year-round theatre-education for youth in Eastern Lancaster County. Their inclusive Pay-What-You-Will classes, financial aid, and accessible programs ensure any student can participate in theatre arts education.


The Factory Ministries

Empowering Economic Equity


The Factory Ministries seeks funding to support eastern Lancaster County families in overcoming poverty. They connect people with resources for housing, employment, and food, serving a district where over half of the students qualify for free or reduced lunch.


Blessings of Hope

Feed the Hungry


Blessings of Hope aims to continue supporting over 150 partner organizations in Eastern Lancaster County by distributing daily meals and connecting large corporations with communities in need, despite logistical challenges.


Let’s Go 1-2-3

Pequea Green Space and Community Lessons


Partnering with Journey Church on the “Pequea Green Space and Community Lessons” project, Let’s Go 1-2-3 engages the local community in Eastern Lancaster County. The initiative includes a green space assessment, the implementation of green practices, and hosting educational workshops

Historic Preservation of Buildings

Grants in this program provide for the restoration, maintenance, and repair of historical structures in Lancaster and Cumberland counties. Grant funds may be used for many of the “unglamorous things” necessary to sustain a documented historical structure owned by a community benefit organization, so that it may be preserved for future generations.

Project examples include repointing, roof repair and replacement, electrical system repair and replacement, general restoration, maintenance. Learn more about the unfunded grant applications below. 


Historic Preservation of Buildings (Click to Expand)

Rock Ford Foundation

Restoration and Conservation Work on Facade of General Edward Hand Mansion


The wooden elements of the facade of the Hand Mansion require painting and repair. Additionally, the gutters and downspouts along the roofline on both the front and rear sides of the house are no longer adequate to properly channel heavy rainfalls resulting in excess water spilling over onto the facade. This regular exposure to water has contributed to the deterioration of the exterior window frames, sills, and shutters. Additionally, the wooden fascia just under the roof line has developed dry rot in places causing gutter clips to become loose resulting in the sagging of the gutter.

Restoration of the Front and Back Porches at President James Buchanan’s Wheatland


The restoration of the front and rear porches at Wheatland is among the highest priorities identified by LancasterHistory’s 2015 Comprehensive Preservation Plan, second only to restoring the Mansion roof, which was done in 2019. The project includes the development of architectural construction drawings; replacement of inappropriate cedar shingles with slate shingles on the rear porch; reversal of a 1950s framing alteration of the water-damaged front porch to more accurately reflect an 1867 photograph of the porch with more durable lumber; a discreet ventilation design; and painting.


Susquehanna Waldorf School

A New Roof for Our School by the River


In the heart of Marietta’s National Register District sits the original schoolhouse, built in 1899. The primary structure has a Richardsonian arch, exposed rafters, and a broad hip-roof with original asbestos shingles. There will be no changes to the historic structure; contractors will remove and remediate the asbestos, address deterioration, install new shingles, repoint and reflash the chimneys, scrape and paint wooden eaves, and properly hang new gutters. The new roof would improve the day-to-day use of the school building and contribute to revitalizing the historic business district.


Immerse, International

International House Improvements


They are preparing to move into a set of significant projects for one of their four historic buildings – their residential International House, designed by C. Emlen Urban. This grant would assist them in their three-year goals of replacing windows and capping the trim, repairing areas of the slate roof, installing a dehumidifying system in the basement, repointing some of the brick structure, and replacing an old 3rd floor fire escape. They look forward to the ways that these projects will help to create a building of even greater hospitality for new neighbors and visiting guests of this lovely county.


Historical Society of East Pennsboro

Enola Miller House Restoration Project


The Enola Miller House has been vacant since 2007 and sustained damage from vandals and the elements. The House’s roof and windows need repair or replacement, while the mountain stone façade needs cleaning, some repointing, and matching of mortar joints. The HVAC system must be replaced. Internally, two walk-in fireplaces will be uncovered and restored, original floors will be exposed and cleaned, ceilings must be secured, and structural cracks caused by the House’s relocation repaired. All walls will be cleared of graffiti and whitewashed, and debris removed throughout the House.


YWCA Lancaster

HVAC Replacement


YWCA Lancaster is actively renovating their 105-year-old building to meet expanding needs. Three main areas are addressed in the YForward Project, expanding affordable housing units by 42%, creating a private, trauma informed Sexual Assault Prevention and Counseling Center on the ground floor and adding a full-size, ADA compliant elevator. This expands their program space within the building by 12K sq.ft. They need to ensure the mechanical systems can meet the new demand. They are requesting support to replace the existing chillers, extend HVAC ductwork and upgrade the hot water supply system.


East Petersburg Historical Society

Daniel Wolf House Window Restoration Project


They will remove the 27 windows to repair, restore, the frame and sash to the original look. The glass panes that are replaced would be replaced with antique replica glass. The windowsills and jambs on the building would be repaired and painted. The window cord and pullies would be repaired or replaced as necessary. Storm windows on the interior of the windows would be installed to insulate the building from cold and hot outdoor temperatures. Two (2) separate air conditioning systems are planned to be installed one on each side of the structure.


Historical Society of the Cocalico Valley

2023 HSCV Connell Mansion Front Porch Replacement


They will replace the porch flooring with like-wood materials to maintain the historical aesthetic of the Connell Mansion, which also houses the Theodore R. Sprecher Museum. The project includes inspecting and repairing the porch frame and post façade, and preparing and painting the porch ceiling. The integrity of the porch support posts will be assessed and restored as needed with contingency funds.


Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County

Fence Replacement at the Sehner-Ellicott-von Hess House


They aim to maintain the historic fabric of Lancaster County by keeping the Sehner-Ellicott-von Hess House architecturally accurate and secure. The fence replacement is essential for preserving the landmark’s visible appeal, historic integrity, and security, supporting its role in community-led preservation and as a venue for public events.

Home Health or Custodial Care

Grants in this program provide home health or custodial care to people living in their homes who are affected by illness or disability in Lancaster County. Funding for human service support that provides a direct benefit to clients, such as housing needs and home modifications, utilities, home care assistance, and food access. Learn about the unfunded grant applications in this program below. 

Home Health or Custodial Care (Click to Expand)

Hospice & Community Care

Inpatient Center Residential Care Program


In August 2022 Hospice & Community Care implemented a Residential Care Program within one wing of its Inpatient Center to provide care for patients with a limited prognosis of approximately weeks to a month or two to live. This program was initiated to fulfill an unmet need in the community for personal care for people who live alone with no one to care for them, or for those who do not have the resources for other care. Help is provided with feeding, bathing, eating, etc., by a trained Hospice LPN and aide specially trained in end-of-life care.


Epilepsy Foundation Eastern Pennsylvania (EFEPA)

Epilepsy Self-Management Programs


The EFEPA requests funds to support self-management programs for people living with epilepsy. They offer two evidence-based programs, HOBSCOTCH and PACES, to ensure the adult community can access free and at-home mental health services. HOBSCOTCH is designed to help find ways to manage and cope with memory and cognitive problems to lead a happier, more productive life with epilepsy. PACES is a psychoeducational group designed to develop coping and goal-setting strategies that improve overall and discrete aspects of life, such as anxiety and depression.


Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition

Home care for elders and surgery recovery


There are currently 474 anti-LGBTQ+ legislative bills nationwide. Discrimination around housing, healthcare, and employment make it extremely difficult to get the help needed due to multiple mental and physical issues due to the impact of trauma. Isolation and lack of family support make it even more difficult for elders who are 40% more likely to be alone than straight counterparts, and to have support during recovery care for gender-related surgeries.

Human Rights/Inclusion

Grants in this program support initiatives that fight hate and bigotry while promoting social justice. Learn more about the unfunded applications below. 

Human Rights/Inclusion (Click to Expand)

Parish Resource Center

Cherry Academy 2024: Healthcare


The Parish Resource Center annually conducts the William Cherry Memorial Academy, and for 2024, it will focus on Healthcare. The academy will host a series of educational events featuring local and national experts. Through panels, workshops, trainings, and speaking events, the initiative aims to deepen community understanding of healthcare access and spearhead a medical debt forgiveness campaign, engaging participants across a broad spectrum.

Lancaster Environmental Fund

The grants in this program encourage environmental protection, conservation, and environmental education efforts. they do this by:

• Preserving and protecting the natural resources and environment of Lancaster County.

• Increasing the awareness of the public of the need to manage and conserve natural resources and to protect the environment.

• Investigating, exploring, studying, and evaluating new, useful, and efficient methods, procedures, and technologies relating to resource conservation, waste management, and protection of the environment.

Learn more about the unfunded grant applications below.

Environmental (Click to Expand)


Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Leveraging Trees, Tree Protection, and Logistics for Clean Water Projects in Lancaster County


The Chesapeake Bay Foundation emphasizes the critical role of trees in maintaining clean water and a healthy environment, seeking to support the planting of trees in Lancaster County in partnership with local organizations.


Lancaster Conservancy

Shenks Ferry Wildflower Preserve Observation Platform


The Conservancy is looking to enhance its Wildflower Trail with an observation platform, ensuring seamless universal accessibility and enriching visitor experiences in alignment with its visitor infrastructure objectives.


Lancaster Science Factory

Stormwater Plinko Interactive Exhibit


The Lancaster Science Factory plans to develop an interactive “plinko” exhibit to educate visitors on stormwater issues, different watersheds, and mitigation efforts, using an engaging large-scale model to demonstrate environmental concepts.


Lancaster Education Foundation

Sixth Grade Goes to NorthBay


The Lancaster Education Foundation is inviting sixth-grade students to NorthBay Adventure Camp, offering an experiential learning opportunity that encompasses language arts, math, science, and social studies within an environmental context.


Let’s Go 1-2-3

Nature In My Neighborhood – Southwest Lancaster


Let’s Go 1-2-3, in partnership with SoWe, is launching the “Nature in My Neighborhood! – SouthWest Lancaster” initiative. This program is designed to enrich southwest Lancaster residents’ understanding and interaction with local nature. Starting with 13 city blocks and extending an invitation to others, the initiative includes formal lessons, neighborhood experiences, and engagement activities in local green spaces, fostering community connection and stewardship of the environment.

Safe and Affordable Housing

Grants in this program support direct human services focused on providing direct support to individuals in need of safe and affordable housing. Learn more about the unfunded applications below. 


Safe and Affordable Housing (Click to Expand)


Lancaster Lebanon Habitat for Humanity

Lancaster Lebanon Habitat for Humanity Columbia Build


Habitat for Humanity is set to construct four new homes in Columbia Borough, aiming to provide stable housing and a path out of poverty. This initiative includes financing affordable mortgages and educating first-time homebuyers, with extensive volunteer support for construction, bolstering community stability and growth.


Tenfold (formerly Tabor/LHOP)

Assistance for Tenfold’s TLC Clients Working Their Way From Homelessness to Housing


Tenfold is requesting funds to assist TLC shelter clients transitioning from homelessness to sustainable housing, covering costs like rental application fees, deposits, and transportation, along with staffing to aid in their housing search and applications.


Good Neighbors Home Repair

Critical Home Repairs for Low-Income Homeowners in Southern Lancaster County


Good Neighbors is dedicated to providing essential home repairs for low-income homeowners. This includes fixing roofs, heaters, windows, and more, targeting residents who are elderly, disabled, or single-parent families to enhance their living conditions and dignity.


Food Hub

Bridge to Stability and Housing


Food Hub supports unsheltered clients by fostering relationships and guiding them through personalized journeys toward stable housing, including assistance with rent, employment, and other essential services, with a focus on maintaining housing stability.


YWCA Lancaster

Kepler Hall Residence


YWCA Lancaster seeks funding to support affordable housing needs, including rent deposits and a part-time shelter case manager to aid residents in accessing resources and building a stronger community foundation post-COVID.


Ephrata Area Social Services

Home Safety


Ephrata Area Social Services receives requests for assistance with home repairs and maintenance, aiming to provide safe living conditions by facilitating necessary home improvements for neighbors who lack access to public transportation services.


Off The Streets Now Lancaster PA Chapter

Finally Home


Off The Streets Now addresses the growing need for security deposit assistance amid rising costs, helping those who can afford ongoing rent but need initial support to move out of shelters or off the streets into permanent housing.


Lancaster General Health Foundation

Nurse Family Partnership – Emergency Housing Fund


The Nurse Family Partnership Program provides vital support to first-time, at-risk mothers, including access to safe and stable housing, preventing homelessness and assisting with crisis housing needs through gap funding.


Parish Resource Center

PRC’s Housewares Pantry


The Parish Resource Center’s Housewares Pantry will offer essential home items to individuals transitioning from homelessness, rehab, or prison, promoting health, well-being, and financial stability through low-barrier access to household necessities.


CrossNet Ministries

Pathways to Housing


CrossNet Ministries’ Pathways to Housing program supports families and individuals in Eastern Lancaster County experiencing homelessness, offering an 18-month pathway to permanent housing through financial empowerment and case management services.


United Zion Retirement Community

Benevolent Resident Care


United Zion Retirement Community’s Benevolent Resident Care project focuses on supporting residents who risk displacement due to outliving their resources, ensuring they can remain in their homes within the community.


Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition

HEART Supportive Housing Expansion


The Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition aims to tackle the housing crisis for BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and undocumented communities by providing low-barrier direct service rental grants and comprehensive case management.

Visual and Performing Arts

Grants in this program support performing and visual arts initiatives in the Lancaster County community, with a preference given for those that serve underrepresented or underserved groups in our community. Learn more about the unfunded grant applications below. 

Environment (Click to Expand)

Demuth Foundation

Intergenerational Educational Art Programs


The Demuth Foundation is broadening its educational programs, incorporating intergenerational workshops, a Teen Council for arts career exploration, and a Creative Craft Kit program for community engagement through art.


Hands-on House, Children’s Museum of Lancaster

Art Gallery Exhibit for Kids


Hands-on House aims to establish a Kid’s Art Gallery to educate on artistic mediums and techniques, featuring pictographs, projects, and artwork by children and established artists, supported by a detailed budget for gallery enhancements and educational materials.


Schreiber Center for Pediatric Development

Schreiber’s Client Art Gallery


The Schreiber Center plans to open an art gallery to showcase works by its talented clients, in various mediums, offering them the opportunity to pursue and display their artistic careers, with funds assisting in acquiring the artwork for the gallery.


Lancaster Improv Players

Lancaster Improv Players DEI Initiatives


The Lancaster Improv Players are collaborating with Jon Carr to create a comprehensive DEI program. Their objective is to diversify the local comedy scene, adding performances that attract a broader audience and incorporating inclusivity into their marketing strategy. The plan includes working with a local JEDI expert, like Starleisha Gingerich.


Music For Everyone

Access to Music for Immigrant and Refugee Youth


Music For Everyone is offering music lessons to immigrant and refugee youth in Lancaster County. The initiative includes weekly piano lessons from a certified instructor and provides a portable keyboard for practice at home, culminating in two public recitals annually.


Lancaster Symphony Orchestra

Sound Discovery Programs


The Lancaster Symphony Orchestra’s Sound Discovery programs aim to make symphonic music accessible to all, removing economic and social barriers, and promoting equity and inclusion in music education.


Fulton Opera House Foundation

2023/24 Spanish Interpreted Performance Program


The Fulton Opera House Foundation is dedicated to cultural inclusivity, planning to expand its Spanish Interpreted Performance Program to include Spanish-translated and captioned performances for their mainstage productions.


Ephrata Performing Arts Center (EPAC)

A Trilogy: Centering Diverse Voices at EPAC


EPAC seeks to produce three shows that focus on intersectional themes and highlight marginalized voices. The performances will be professionally produced and aim to foster community collaboration.


PRiMA Arts Inc

The GreatList


PRiMA Arts Inc will introduce The GreatList, a subsidized ticketing program designed to address disparities and enhance community access to the performing arts.


Servant Stage Company

The Broadway Musical “Big Fish”


Servant Stage Company will present “Big Fish,” a Broadway musical that offers Pay-What-You-Will performances to make the arts accessible to a wider audience in partnership with Warwick School District.


Lancaster Symphony Orchestra

Sound Discovery Programs


The LSO envisions a community where every child, regardless of socioeconomic background, has the access and invitation to engage with music. The Sound Discovery programs, a suite of ten initiatives, provide this access, support school music programs, and champion the development of the whole student: academically, individually, and socially. Our music education programs focus on equity and inclusion so all students can reap the benefits of music education and performance.

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If you’d like more information about supporting any of these opportunities or if you have questions related to your fund, contact Donor Services Officer Clinton Bublitz. 

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