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UDS Independent Living Resource Center Fund


About the Organization


In 1965 we were inspired by the touching story of a young girl who was unable to attend a local theater showing of Mary Poppins with the other children…because she was in a wheelchair. From this inspiration was born United Cerebral Palsy of Lancaster County. In 2000, we became United Disabilities Services (UDS) – a new name to reflect our greatly expanded capabilities. Today UDS is committed to helping people with disabilities lead more independent and fulfilling lives. In our 40 plus years, we’ve developed a wide variety of services and programs that improve quality of life and expand boundaries – including Accessible Home Modifications, Home Medical Equipment, In-Home Personal Care, Adult Enrichment, Service Dogs and more.


Why is endowment important to your mission?

“Many of our programs and services are provided to persons at or below the federal poverty level. These programs continue to be underfunded by the Commonwealth despite providing critical services that promote independence and the ability for folks to live and be productive in their community and not isolated in a nursing home. Endowment funds are vital in filling the gaps between the inadequate payment rates and the costs of delivering effective, safe, high quality home and community based services. I can clearly state that without endowment funds we could not sustain our mission or keep these services intact.”

-Bill Kepner, CEO 2010-, UDS


United Disabilities Services

1901 Olde Homestead Lane

Lancaster, PA 17601

Phone: 717.397.1841

Email: [email protected]