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About the Organization:

Compass Mark Endowment FundCompass Mark believes that all people of any age have the ability to bring strength to our communities when given the skills and opportunities to prove themselves. Our highly interactive programs and intergenerational mentoring have received national recognition because the children and adults we serve have set and achieved difficult goals, raised their academic performance, moved to healthy ways of living and drawn from their own experiences to help the next person up.


Why is endowment important to your mission?

“If our communities and individuals are to stand tall in the future, it will be because you and I made our own shoulders strong enough to lift those future generations to higher ground. Here at Compass Mark I’m continually amazed by the achievements of adults and kids whom others have written off as lost causes. Given the choice between buying myself some trinket of comfort today or investing in some struggling person’s potential greatness in the future, I’ll choose the investment any day. These endowments make those investments easy and assure me that long after I’m gone, Lancaster County will still be an extraordinary community.”

– David H. Bender, CEO


Compass Mark

630 Janet Avenue

Lancaster, PA 17601

Phone: 717.299.2831

Email: DBender@CompassMark.org



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