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Compass Mark Community Strength Fund



Compass Mark

About the Organization

Since 1966, Compass Mark has been working to prevent addiction through education, skill-building, and community mobilization. Public health is our priority. As non-profit serving Lancaster, Lebanon, and Chester Counties, we utilize proven skill-building and empowerment strategies to prevent the disease of addiction before it begins.

The mission of Compass Mark is increasingly vital as our communities are impacted by the COVID pandemic, resulting in elevated levels of substance use, trauma, and adverse mental health conditions. These realities are stretching the capacity of school districts, government agencies, social service providers, and communities to respond.

As prevention specialists, we remain steadfastly committed to providing life-changing resources and expanding our services in response to the growing needs of our community. Compass Mark’s programs provide children, youth and adults with the skills and resources necessary for success. The earlier prevention begins, the healthier our communities can become!

Why is endowment important to your mission?

Investments in addiction prevention are consistently shown to deliver significant and long-lasting benefits for individuals, families, and the community. Studies show that for every $1 invested in prevention, there is an $18 savings in treatment. Prevention works.

When you support the Compass Mark Community Strength fund, you are investing in award winning, research based programs that promote individual resiliency and strengthen the fabric of our community. Our services include:

• School-Based Prevention: We provide a diverse array of evidence-based programs for students in Grades K-12, designed to help youth develop critical life skills and guide them on a path toward health and wellness.

• Addiction Resource Center: We offer confidential, one-on-one assistance to help individuals navigate treatment services and provide educational resources about alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, and gambling.

• Community-Based Prevention: We provide programs in the community to strengthen resilience for specific populations, including children with an incarcerated parent and young adults with greater risk for developing a substance use disorder.

• Training and Technical Assistance: Our specialized training and consultation services are available for education professionals, law enforcement, social service providers, businesses, and community coalitions.

Compass Mark

1891 Santa Barbara Dr, Suite 104
Lancaster, PA 17601

Phone: (717) 299-2831