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Celebrating our Baldwin Leaders!

Sometimes it’s about those hard to describe, un-quantifiable things.

The Baldwin Leadership Program was established to support the personal leadership development of individuals to benefit the residents of Lancaster County, but development can mean lots of things to lots of people. We wanted to make sure that each individual’s interpretation of what would help them best was valued, and left it open for each Leader to choose how they wanted to spend their time in the program!

In addition, the Community Foundation decided to expand the program to 18 months, up from 12. It was our hope that this extended program would help build a cadre of strong community leaders who reflect Lancaster County today and tomorrow!

Throughout the 18 month process, our Baldwin Leaders bonded, grew, developed, and strengthened their commitment to Lancaster County. We couldn’t be more proud of their extraordinary accomplishments!

Willonda McCloud, Bright Side Opportunities Center

African American Women and Hair: A Journey of Discovery

Recognizing the importance of executive mentorship and connecting with Lancaster’s African American women and girls, Willonda identified 4 areas to improve her personal and professional leadership goals: body language, preventing procrastination, managing stress and strategic thinking.

Dan JurmanCommunity Action Partnership

Healing My Past by Connecting to My Heritage

Dan’s work in Lancaster has a higher profile recently due to his work at CAP and the Mayor’s Commission to Combat Poverty. Most people who know him don’t realize he’s never truly known himself. Dan has never met his Puerto Rican father. He’s lived his life stuck between two worlds; one that’s never fully accepted him and one he’s never fully known. Dan’s Baldwin project was to find and meet the other half of his family, and to understand his full heritage.

Sara Johns, Mom’s House of Lancaster 

Professional Growth by Understanding My own emotional intelligence

Sara has broken stereotypes of single teenage mothers as she obtained experience and education to become a professional, community leader. Using her Baldwin Leadership, she chose to learn the “why” questions about the way things work on a community level, while gaining a sense of belonging to the broader community.

Kate Good, Parish Resource Center

Finding Balance and Strength through Rigorous Practice & Persistent Self-Reflection

Kate embarked on a 250-hour yoga teacher training program and retreat for personal reflection and self-awareness while advancing her leadership skills. The in-depth training provided a disciplined way to expand her role in helping community benefit leaders focus on self-care through Contemplative Practices.

Mitch Nugent, PRiMA Arts, Inc.

Broadening Leadership Horizons

Mitch broadened his understanding of our community’s niches and perspectives to better serve the fullness of Lancaster’s population. He engaged influential cultural events in leading cities with a focus on exploring what invigorates their creative leaders while enriching the lives of residents in fresh ways, stretching his thinking in pursuit of leadership growth and intentional life balance.

Valdijah Brown, Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology

Transforming Pain into Beauty

Valdijah developed new skills centered on expressive arts; writing, art, and yoga for self-healing. The program gently opened and transformed counterproductive coping strategies developed from childhood trauma. Valdijah’s personal leadership plan targets four domains: knowledge, relational, experiential, and spiritual. Her self-work built capacity to work more effectively with vulnerable populations in educational and community settings.

Karen Kerper, Youth Advocate Program

Fearless Leader

Karen sought to discover the positive effects of fear by challenging her self-perceived limits to explore the other side – endless possibilities. It’s about the personal growth that comes from exposing fear through real-life extreme experiences, including skydiving and a 5K obstacle course race. Karen achieved confidence and growth to broaden the perceptions on the world, situations, and herself.

The application to be part of the next Baldwin Leaders class is now open! Click here to learn more!