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Share your story

We’re living through a period of dramatic change and transcendent possibility. From the pandemic, to the latest protests for Black lives, to economic hardship and challenges, it’s easy to feel as though we have less connection and less in common than ever before. The goal of the Community Snapshot is to challenge that idea; to elevate as many narratives as possible to show precisely where we do connect, and where we can work together to shape our future together.

The thing about change is that it can often feel uncomfortable. By its very nature, change is uncertain. We don’t quite know where we’re going or what a new reality will look like or feel like. One thing that that is certain is that if we sit back and watch, the change will happen to us. But, if we share our voice and our perspective, we can influence what happens next.

Over time, we have learned that people across Lancaster County have deep passions for this community and the power to create change for good. We invite you to show us what you imagine for our shared future.

What’s your story of Lancaster? What matters to you for today, tomorrow and forever?

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