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How would you reintroduce yourself to your community?

Young woman with small child

We all have things that inspire us, that drive us, things that we want to last forever. Taking moments to find that shared interest, sense of place, or that story that sparks conversation can make all the difference for our shared future

Our community is re-connecting, re-joining, and re-introducing ourselves…to ourselves.

And we want you too, too. What’s the story you would share with your community?

What’s your Snapshot?


A community-created connection:

Lancaster Snapshot is a community-sourced experience all about storytelling and connection, driven by images; short snippets of the lives of you, your friends, and your fellow community members. This interactive experience will engage community members in a new way to “see” each other as we all re-introduce ourselves…to ourselves.

Visit to explore the stories of your fellow community members, and upload your own snapshots to create deeper relationship with your neighbors, or find new folks to connect with.

We know that creating a shared sense of humanness and purpose is essential to our work, and to the health of our county. Our hope is that Lancaster Snapshot will be an entry point to reconnection: to build empathy and a sense of safety centered on the ways we care for our community.

And it’s not just a hunch, research backs us up!

We can’t wait to see your snapshots.

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