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Alma Felix

Alma Headshot

Alma Felix

Program Officer

Originally from San Luis, Arizona, Alma Felix moved to Pennsylvania to study Mathematics and Public Health at Albright College. As a senior, she was granted The Muhlenberg Goodwill Award for demonstrating, through responsible action in college activities, a concern that extends to the larger community. She interned at the Partnership for Public Health of Lancaster County where she wrote and directed a short documentary, “Now You Know”, that highlights the dangers of lead poisoning in children, with a focus in Lancaster County. Through her work, she became fascinated with the Lancaster community. Now a Program Officer at the Lancaster County Community Foundation she continues her passion for emboldening extraordinary community. During her spare time, Alma enjoys exploring different cooking techniques and cuisines along with her partner Ian and cat Lyla.

A Lancaster County favorite: Cocina Mexicana, Issei Noodle and Chellas Arepa Kitchen