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Lydia Henry

Lydia Henry Bio

Lydia Henry

Vice President of Culture and Inclusion, Atomic Design, Inc

Lydia Henry is Vice President of Culture and Inclusion for Atomic Design, Inc. (ATOMIC) on the campus of Rock Lititz in Lancaster County, PA and has over 25 years of business leadership experience. She’s an advocate for integrating growth and development strategies into operations and is extremely interested in addressing the changing work environment to allow for a “whole life” that is fulfilling and achievement-oriented, while developing resiliency through a spirit of connection and kindness.  Prior to joining ATOMIC, Lydia served on the leadership teams of several Lancaster County organizations.  She is thrilled to contribute to the Community Foundation as they work to ensure that the Lancaster County community is resourced in systemic ways to achieve stability and relevance for all well into the future.

Lydia lives in East Lampeter Township with her wife and stepson.